Alternative John Lewis Christmas advert has entire nation mourning

John Lewis’ iconic Christmas advert is yet to hit our screens, but one alternative ad made by YouTuber Sam Clegg has already had the entire nation in tears.

The heart-wrenching advert – which cost nothing to make – tells the story of a man and his dog.

The alternative ad, which features Sam’s dad, has had more than one million views since Sam posted it to YouTube last week.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, the YouTuber explained that he put the video together with an old camera he had found lying around.

The reason behind it was because he wanted to raise much-needed funds for charity – and all proceeds will be going towards helping the elderly over Christmas. 

‘This song/advert is dedicated to everyone who has faced hardships in 2020,’ Sam began.

‘This story is one of loss and sorrow which some viewers may find distressing, but with this video/campaign, we hope to turn a negative into a positive by donating all of the proceeds made from the song to multiple charities that support the elderly in the UK!

‘This Christmas Advert Concept for John Lewis was filmed to show the bond between humans and dogs.’

The ad, which has been praised by viewers, begins with showing the bond of a man and his beloved dog, Bruno.

The duo can be seen counting down the days to Christmas with their individual advent calendars, as they open presents and eat mince pies.

However, things take an emotional turn when the man and Bruno go for a walk in the snow.

Bruno runs off and goes missing, and for days after, his owner searches the area and he even puts up lost dog posters.

The advert may have an emotional and tragic ending after the owner finds Bruno’s collar in the show, but Sam wanted to highlight how hard it can be for elderly and vulnerable people at this time of year.

Inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore’s charitable efforts to raise money for the NHS, Sam went on to add that with each 79p purchase, it will help give support to those who need it most in 2020.

John Lewis may be the last to release it’s Christmas advert, but there are still plenty of ads out there now to get us in the festive mood.

So far, Aldi, Asda, Disney, Amazon, TK Maxx, Argos and Very have all released their Christmas commercials.

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