Are Linda and Max going to have an affair in EastEnders?

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Linda Carter and Max Branning are going to have an affair after the pair flirted at the restaurant during last night's episode (October 26).

Linda and Max shared a passionate kiss on the pub balcony earlier this month after he caught her turning back to alcohol. But could there be an affair on the cards? Here’s the lowdown…

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Are Linda and Max going to have an affair?

Soap bosses are yet to confirm whether Linda and Max will be having an affair, but viewers know that things have been heating up between the pair after Linda accepted Max’s job offer at the restaurant.

Viewers watched as Max was unable to take his eyes off Linda as she waited on her tables during last night’s episode (October 26).

And when Sharon came into the restaurant, she complimented how good Linda was looking and asked her if she was wearing some new lipstick.

EastEnders fans were quick to notice chemistry between the pair and flocked to Twitter to predict that Linda and Max will have an affair.

One viewer said: "Lot of chemistry between Linda & Max in that scene #Eastenders"

Another added: "Linda dressing up to work and flirt with Max #EastEnders."

A third viewer said: "I’m sorry but are they actually going there with Max and Linda cos I kinda like it #EastEnders."

A fourth shocked viewer tweeted: "Linda and Max this is well awkward wait until Mick finds out."

When did Max and Linda kiss in EastEnders?

As EastEnders returned to our screens following its hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, it became clear Linda and Max had grown close during lockdown and had been having regular Zoom chats.

The pair then crossed paths at the beginning of October during Frankie Lewis’ Drag Bingo night at the pub, where Linda grew sick of Mick watching over her shoulder and worrying.

When Max caught her about to neck the drink, she opened up to him about her struggles.

Max then told her: “I get it Linda. When I came out of prison I used to hurt myself, deliberately. 

"You’re allowed to slip up Linda, don’t be ashamed of it. 

"It doesn’t make you a bad person. Just makes you like everyone else."

The two then shared a kiss on the balcony, before Linda realised in horror what was happening and ran off. 

Could this be the beginning of the end for Linda and Mick?

What have EastEnders said about an affair on the soap?

EastEnders are yet to speak out specifically about Max and Linda.

But back in May, the soap confirmed that two characters will be having an affair in the coming weeks despite sex scenes being scrapped due to social distancing rules.

At the time, fans predicted the culprits could be Linda and Phil as they continued to bond over their alcoholism. 

But with Max now having provided Linda with a shoulder to cry on, might he be the Walford resident set to catch Linda’s eye?

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