Ariana Grande shows off HUGE new hand tattoos as she adds to collection of full body ink

ARIANA Grande has added to her ever-growing collection of tattoos by getting a HUGE new inking on her hand.

Ariana, 26, showed off her latest body art on social media and it is thought to be the beginnings of a 'glove'.

So far, the 7 Rings singer has had a collection of leaves along with the planet Saturn etched onto the back of her hand and wrist.

Ariana is also believed to have had the name of her beloved dog Toulouse written in looped, cursive letters close to her knuckles. Eventually, they will all be joined with other tats.

These latest tattoos has boosted the former Disney star's collection to at least 45.

Out of those, at least 33 are believed to have been inked on her body in the past year alone.

The songstress got her first ink back in 2012 — a tiny heart on her toe to commemorate the making of her debut album Yours Truly.

But her collection has expanded rapidly since then, with the singer using tattoos to celebrate the most important people in her life – including her love interests.

Her tattoos attracted mainstream attention when she started dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson in 2018 – before the pair broke off their engagement.

During their whirlwind romance, the couple got a series of inkings that they have both been forced to cover up post-split.

The singer has also marked her skin to commemorate her major life event – such as a bee to send a message of hope after the Manchester terror attack.

SunOnline has rounded up a selection of Ariana’s most notable inkings:


While recording her first album in 2012, Ariana brought a tattoo artist to the studio to ink a tiny heart on her toe.

She filmed her first ink experience, revealing she wanted to do “something permanent to remind me to always be grateful and not take anything for granted”.

"This year has been 1 of the happiest and most enlightening years for me and I felt like I wanted to do something special to remind me of this time," Grande wrote in the video caption.

Her first album included a song called Tattooed Heart.


Ariana had a bee tattooed behind her ear as a permanent tribute to those who lost their lives in the Manchester bombing.

She revealed the inking of the bee – which is a symbol of the city – on the one-year anniversary of the attack at her concert which claimed 22 lives.
The singer shared an Instagram snap of the tiny tatt, captioning the image: “Forever”.

The crew of her Dangerous Woman Tour are also believed to have permanent reminders of their time in Manchester.


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I always forget about my lil tat

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I always forget about my lil tat

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In 2014, Ariana got "mille tendresse" tattooed on the back of her neck.

The phrase means "a thousand tendernesses" in French and is featured in Breakfast at Tiffany's, which is one of Grande's favorite films.

Pete Davidson, Grande's ex-fiancé, also got the same tattoo on his neck in 2018 — only to cover it months later with a less romantic word: "Cursed".


Ariana has a “side-boob” tatt with the word "Bellissima" – a nod to Grande's Italian heritage.

Her late grandfather, Frank Grande, would frequently refer to his granddaughter as "Bellissima" which means "beautiful" in Italian.


Ariana loves clouds – it's been one of her most-used emojis for years.

When the singer was spotted with a matching cloud tattoo with Davidson in May 2018, it was the beginning of a relationship rollercoaster.

Their romance would ultimately lead Ariana to rack up nearly 10 tattoos in just six months.


The superstar had to word “always” tattooed on her midriff when she and Davidson were still together.

But in March this year, Ariana showed off a new leafy design that seemed to grow up over her ribs and encompass the tribute word.

The star showed off the delicate new ink, which appeared to be a branch of leaves splayed across the left side of her ribcage, by laying on her back in just a skimpy black crop top.

Captioning the snap, she wrote, “post run thrus, 3 am with @girlknewyork 🙂 not a cover up just evolvin. also, our show opens tomorrow. i love u and i’m so grateful. see u soon.”

The No More Tears Left To Cry songstress chose to cover the number 8418 – a tribute to Pete’s dad who died on 9/11 – with an image of a dog.


The Thank U, Next singer got a new tatt to celebrate her new single 7 Rings, but was left red-faced when fans told her it read "small BBQ grill" instead.

Meanwhile the No More Tears Left To Cry songstress chose to cover the number 8418 – a tribute to Pete’s dad who died on 9/11 – with an image of a dog.

Determined to sort it out, Ariana added an extra symbol in between the two characters of her original tattoo.

But it was inserted into the wrong place and now reads "fiery finger" or "small BBC grill finger".

Trying to look on the brightside, Ariana said: "Slightly better. thanks to my tutor for helping me fix…

"Rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. i actually really liked u."

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somethin bout you ♡

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somethin bout you ♡

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