Bachelor's Lauren Burnham reveals 'heartbreak' as newborn daughter remains in hospital after baby's twin goes home

THE BACHELOR's Lauren Burnham revealed 'heartbreak' as her newborn daughter must remain in hospital, while the baby's twin brother goes home.

The new mom announced the birth of the twins last week.

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Lauren shared a video of the babies in her Instagram stories writing: "2/3 of my heart here right now.

"Today is bittersweet…we get to leave the hospital.

"But little sis has to stay behind for now. I've never felt heartbreak like this. Pls pray for our little girl."

Lauren posted two photos in the hospital bed right after giving birth and smiling alongside the twins.

She also shared a gorgeous picture of the sleeping babies wrapped in blankets, one in a white blanket and the other in pink.

Lauren captioned the post with the babies' birth date, 06.11.21 and tagged their Instagram account.

Arie shared a video where he had just dropped off Lauren at the hospital and was walking to meet up with her, saying she was on "triage to see if this is happening today."

The Bachelor alum then shared videos of monitors being attached to his wife's belly as they listened to their babies' heartbeats.

The proud father of three then shared that the babies "are here! Momma and babies are doing great and everything went smoothly."

He added: "Spending time cherishing these moments, thank you all for all the support."

The Bachelor alum and his wife first announced the genders of their new arrivals on January, 19th, after receiving the news following a doctor visit.

Lauren shared a series of photos holding one pink and one blue cotton candy as she laughed with her husband and daughter in excitement.

"Alessi is getting a baby BROTHER & a baby SISTER. we couldn’t be more excited!" she gushed.

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