Bake Off under fire again as fans complain to Ofcom about Noel Fielding’s dirty jokes

THE Great British Bake Off has been slammed again after Noel Fielding made a series of 'inappropriate' jokes before the watershed.

Television watchdog Ofcom received 37 complaints after Noel told contestant Peter Sawkins, 20, he wanted to "see him naked" during last week's show.

The GBBO host also quipped with his co-host Matt Lucas about making a "nude" jelly sculpture of judge Paul Hollywood with "lime" flavoured nipples.

Noel's made his gags in the quarter final of this year's series, which aired on Channel 4 on November 10, 2020.

The Mighty Boosh star held up a wooden spoon at the start of the show, explaining to Matt that he was called "Mr Spoon".

He then stood next to Scots-born Peter's station as he frantically tried to finish his mini cheesecake and asked: "Do you like Mr Spoon."

Humouring Noel, Peter replied: "I loved him."

Noel told him: "You do? He wants to kiss you. Mr Spoon says he wants to see Peter naked."

Taking to Twitter, one viewer complained: "Poor Peter is uncomfortable and politely putting up with Noel's creepy comments. #GBBO."

Another tweeted: “Mr.spoon says he wants to see Peter naked” – how much more do we actually have to take until we can get rid of the most awkward and inappropriate Noel Fielding on."

A third wrote: "This might just be me, but I think Noel saying that Mr Spoon wanted to see Peter naked was crossing a line of good taste and appropriateness. Would he say that about a female contestant? #GBBO #TheGreatBritishBakingShow."

A fourth added: "Noel Fielding made a few jokes about wanting to see men naked, it's before 9pm and I wouldn't want my kids watching this.

"If he said he wanted to see Prue naked would it still be funny? No, it comes across creepy."

Later in the show, Noel and Matt also joked about making a naked sculpture of GBBO judge Paul Hollywood out of jelly.

Matt asked: "What jelly art would you make?" Noel replied: "Nude sculpture of Paul Hollywood." He then told Matt that Paul's nipples would be "lime" flavoured.

Ofcom has confirmed it received 37 complaints following the episode.

A spokesman told The Sun Online: "The complaints were about sexual references made by Noel Fielding."

This is not the first time GBBO has received complaints.

In October, Matt sparked 13 grievances with his 'sexual innuendos', while the show received more than 300 complaints in September after he mocked Boris Johnson on screen.

The show's Japanese-themed week was also accused of being 'racist'.

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