BBCs Naga Munchetty left baffled over roasted marshmallows

BBC Breakfast presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty hosted today’s BBC Breakfast show and sports presenter Mike Bushell made an appearance during his sports segment.

After talking about recent football and cricket matches, Mike went on to talk about a rather unusual topic for the typically serious early morning show.

As he brought his sports reports to a close, Mike Bushell decided to end on a lighter note: “Now, because it’s Christmas, we end by talking about the airspeed velocity and flight of a marshmallow, all because of this.”

A short clip of professional golfer Ian Poulter flashed onto the screen.

The video showed him standing in his living room and wielding a golf club while his son stood patiently at the end of the room.

Ian began swinging a golf club and attempted to score a goal by shooting a sweet treat into his son’s mouth.

Naga Muchetty joked that co-host Charlie Stayt thought that the video’s filter, which displayed the illusion of light snowfall, was sugar dust flying off the marshmallow as Ian swung it towards his son.

Mike said: “You thought that was the actual marshmallow? You thought it was roasted or toasted or something?”

Naga replied: “No, I thought the sugar was coming off.” She paused for a moment and questioned Mike: “A roasted marshmallow? Roasted?”

“Yeah, you know when you roast it on the fire? It becomes a little more solid doesn’t it, round the outside?” offered Mike.

A confused Naga replied: “Solid on the outside? Squidgy in the middle?” before turning to Charlie and saying: “Have you ever toasted marshmallows?”

Charlie replied: “Well, they would melt wouldn’t they? I’m not keen on marshmallows.”

Naga joked that she thought that the video’s filter, which displayed the illusion of light snowfall, was sugar dust from the marshmallow.

The confused hosts turned to weather presenter Carol Kirkwood and Naga asked: “Carol, bring some sensibility to the room, will you? You would never be whacking your marshmallows with a club, would you?”

“No, but probably because I can't play golf and I don’t have clubs! There’s a reasonable reason as to why not.” replied Carol.

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