Beverley Callard co-star hints at new I’m A Celeb ‘phone-a-friend’ feature

This year's I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! could be set to introduce a brand new feature, after actor Charles Lawson said camp mate Beverley Callard had asked him to be her "phone-a-friend".

The former Coronation Street star appeared on This Morning via video link to talk about his friend entering the Welsh castle.

Charlie said: "She asked me when we had a chat, I don't know if you're meant to know all this carry on.

"She said, 'Can you be my go-to famous friend whenever I'm in the brown stuff,' or whatever.

"I said, of course, but I don't know how that will manifest itself, we shall see, I don't know how it works.

"I'm certainly not going to sit up all night waiting for her to call me."

Daily Star Online has contacted ITV for comment.

Shane Richie's son Shane Jr was also on This Morning, and he admitted he had no idea about the apparent new feature of I'm A Celeb.

He told Ruth and Eamonn: "I didn't get that gig but I'm intrigued, I would've thought it'll be his wife, my step-mum Christie."

Charles had plenty to say about Beverley, after playing her on-screen husband on Coronation Street for years.

"Let me tell you something about Beverley," he started. "If you rub her up the wrong way she'll not only tell you to wind your neck in, she'll probably wind it in for you."

He went on: "She's a tough cookie and doesn't suffer fools gladly, she'll be patient to a point but if someone winds her up she'll not go backward for coming forwards."

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Charles laughed: "I'm not sure how she'll do with the old sheep's nuts, put it that way, because when we worked together we were never asked to eat sheep's you know what's."

And when it comes to the I'm A Celeb treats, Shane said his former EastEnders star dad will struggle too.

"He'll definitely, 100% be sick if he does the eating trial," he said, "and let me tell you, I will be voting for that, no problem."

Shane, whose mum is Coleen Nolan, said: "You don't get to see him when he's hungry, tired, it's gonna be cold this year."

And he said people "bossing him around" could cause him to crack, as might the camp chores.

Shane Jr said: "I'm nervous to see what he's gonna be like cleaning the dunny, that is gonna be TV gold, I think.

"You know what my dad's like, he'll get on with anyone, but when you're hungry and tired, the littlest things get on your nerves."

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