Big Brother fans can’t get over photo of Nasty Nick posing with Brad Pitt at film premiere – The Sun

BIG Brother fans have been left stunned by an old picture of 'Nasty' Nick Bateman posing alongside Brad Pitt.

The image – which featured on a famous Sun front page in 2000 – saw reality TV's original villain posing alongside the Hollywood A-lister at the premiere of Snatch.

Also in the picture were director Guy Richie, at the time just months away from marrying Madonna, and Dominic Mohan, who was The Sun's Bizarre editor.

Nasty Nick was a guest of Britain's favourite paper – hence the jaunty cap – and went on to write a column for The Sun.

The picture was taken shortly after Nick left the Big Brother house in 2000 after being exposed for what housemate Craig Phillips termed a "very dirty plot".

He was caught passing around notes with the names of rival housemates on in the hope that they would be nominated for eviction – which is strictly against the rules.

He later protested: "I haven't committed murder. I haven't mugged somebody. It was a very small error.

"I'm just an ordinary guy who took part in a very unusual experiment under a lot of scrutiny and pressure.

"I don't think being labelled the most hated man attaches to me. I was just taking part in a game show."

The iconic scenes got a new audience on Sunday night when E4 aired them as part of its Big Brother: Best Shows Ever series that looks back at great moments in the show's history.

The picture of him alongside Brad Pitt, who seemed oblivious to the former City of London broker's fame, resurfaced on social media – with many amazed.

One fan posted it, writing: "Do you remember when nasty nick was pictured with brad Pitt and the likes 🤣🤣 was mental."

Nick is now living out in Sydney, Australia, with Craig revealing he went out to see him with his wife Laura.

He told The Sun's TV Mag: "Laura and I went travelling around Asia and then went on to Australia – Sydney and Perth.

"I knew Nick was living in Sydney so I spent four or five hours with him over a couple of bottles of wine.

"Sometimes you can catch him when he’s a bit normal but because Laura was there it was lie after lie after lie!"

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