Bikini-clad Chloe Ferry straddles and grinds on her pal in bed on holiday in Thailand – The Sun

CHLOE Ferry isn't shy when it comes to showing off her seductive dance moves and has been practising them on her pal while on holiday in Thailand.

The 24-year-old has taken to social media during her stay in the tropical Asian country to document her every move – including her sexy grinding and straddling on her holiday companion, Ryan Mira.

The Geordie Shore star is currently on holiday with her pal Ryan and boyfriend Sam Gowland and has taken a day off from all the booze and partying to unwind in their hotel room.

As the pair relaxed on their hotel bed, Ryan videoed Chloe's sexy dance moves as she started to straddle and grind on him.

"Well sexy thing you work it," Ryan shouts as he enjoys her dancing.

Chloe rocked a black one-piece swimming costume which left little to the imagination and showed off her peachy bum.

As well as messing around with her pal in their hotel room, the pair have had a busy day together.

Chloe started her morning off with a buffet breakfast filled with a range of pastries and hot food.

After filling herself with fuel for the rest of the day, she then got her sweat on in a boxing ring with one of the locals.

After sweating out all of her alcohol she's consumed throughout her holiday, the Geordie lass topped up her holiday tan with some down time at her hotel pool in a black string bikini and even had time to go get her nails done with Ryan.


Chloe has complained of gaining "so much weight" after guzzling cans of Pringles during her 13 day getaway.

The outspoken TV star revealed on her Instagram story that she can't "stop eating."

She said: "Can't stop eating!! Only been in Thailand 5 days and feel like I've put so much weight on feel like f**king s**t again!! Need to get back to gym ASAP!!"

Chloe started her New Year's break trip off in style as she guzzled champagne and she showed off the in-flight entertainment from their business class trip.

A few days ago Chloe was pictured relaxing in the same villa as boyfriend Sam on a mutual friend's Instagram.

Sam travelled to Thailand separately from Chloe in economy and has been keeping fans updated with his holiday shenanigans on social media.

Despite their rocky relationship in recent months, the pair have proved their back together after she was snapped sitting behind Sam as he got his hair cut in a barbershop.

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