'Blue Bloods' Fans Ask 'Is This the Beginning of the End?' With New Teaser

A new Blue Bloods teaser has people talking. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) gets a job offer and it has fans wondering if this could be the beginning of the end for the show.  

Frank almost got fired on ‘Blue Bloods’

Things are only getting worse between Frank and Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh). “Times Like These” showed Frank publicly on the street with cops who arrested someone.

The mayor was very angry about this. He accused Frank of doing this on purpose to show him up. Chase demanded he publicly apologizes for his “grandstanding.” The commissioner almost did it but refused. 

Of course, this led to another heated meeting between the rivals. Mayor Chase said he’ll accept Frank’s resignation, but Frank declines and called the politician out for bluffing. He said no one will take the police commissioner position because they know they’ll be set up to fail. In the end, Frank was lucky and kept his job.

The family accused Frank of playing chicken with the mayor at family dinner. They pointed out he could have been fired, but it all worked out. However, Frank might leave his position anyway.

‘Blue Bloods’ fans ask ‘is this the beginning of the end?’ with new teaser

Blue Bloods released a teaser for the third episode of season 12. Frank sits down with his former partner, Lenny Ross (Treat Williams). “I’ve been offered a job,” Frank says. “You have done right by our city,” Henry (Len Cariou) tells his son. “Now you’d like a little something for yourself.”

We then see a clip of the family looking at each other at the dinner table. It looks like there might be a tense dinner coming up.

Fans reacted to the teaser on Instagram. “Is this the beginning of the end?” one fan asked in the comments. One fan replied, “it better not be!!! I was thinking the same thing.” A second fan replied, “​hope nooooo.” Other fans are also worried about Frank retiring. “You better not be leaving us Frank!!!” one person wrote.

But some fans can see Frank resigning for a specific reason. “The way the mayor treats you. I can understand you thinking of leaving your position. Love you Tom,” one fan wrote.” Some are even giving their predictions on how the season could end.

“The best way to end this is for Sean to go to the academy and then Frank’s last act as PC is speaking at his graduation. ‘New York New York’ plays during the final scene, the show ends just how it started,” one fan wrote.

It’s still possible that Blue Bloods will be back for the 13th season. But it looks like some fans are anticipating this could be the end of the show.

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