Brad Pitt's girlfriend Nicole's husband promotes the actor and ex-wife Angelina Jolie's wine at his Berlin restaurant

THE German restauranteur married to Brad Pitt's girlfriend Nicole Poturalski is promoting Brangelina's wine.

Pictures revealed that Nicole's millionaire husband, Roland Mary, put Brad and Angelina Jolie's plonk on the menu at his Borchardts Restaurant in Central Berlin.

Nicole, 27, who's a dead ringer for Angelina, 45, supposedly enjoys an open marriage to Roland and the couple share a seven-year-old son called Emil.

According to the  Daily Mail, Brad actually met his Nicole at Roland's restaurant when he was visiting Germany in 2019 – but he's known her husband for years.

It would appear Roland, 68, has no issue with their budding relationship given Château Miraval Rosé Provence is still on the menu, a wine Brad and Angelina made in partnership with the renowned Perrin family.

It's produced at the estranged couple's $60 million French estate, which is also where 56-year-old Brad took Nicole on a romantic trip in August, leaving Angelina fuming.

Brangelina purchased Miraval Château in 2011 – a castle and vineyard in the tiny town of Correns in the south of France – and the couple married there in 2014, but it's become a sticking point in their divorce negotiations.

Despite their nasty split, Brad and Angelina remain involved with the brand they built and also have even produced a second rosé called Studio, champagne, and two white wines.

Meanwhile, it's emerged that the Hollywood hunk-turned-wine connoisseur has "no intention nor any desire" to tie the knot again amid his messy split from Angelina.

Brad and Nicole have been keeping things "light" and the award-winning actor has no intention "nor any desire" to tie the knot again, a source told Us Weekly.

Although one insider noted that an open marriage for Roland and Nicole now, they acknowledged that "it's hard to imagine they'd stay married if things get more serious" with Brad.

What's more, Brad and Angelina's kids, Maddox, 18, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, Vivienne, 11, and Knox, 11, have yet to meet Nicole as their parents' messy divorce continues.

Us Weekly also revealed that most of Brad and Nicole's low-key dates have been in Los Angeles – and that while she's grown closer to the actor, she's "grown apart physically" from Roland.

"Apparently, Roland's not so happy about all the media scrutiny surrounding Nicole's new romance," the source said.

"[But] at the end of the day, Roland is a philosophical, peaceful guy who just wants Nicole to be happy.

"If being with Brad is something she needs to do for her soul, he won't stand in her way."

But things aren't all rosy with Brad's side of the family after he whisked Nicole off to France.

Reports emerged that their trip left Angelina "fuming," "furious," and "stunned" that Brad would cavort around their marital home so brazenly with another woman.

It's since emerged that Nicole's publicized relationship with Brad could help her career, as she's wanting to get into acting and had meetings during a recent visit to LA.

An insider told The Sun: "Nicole’s longing to pursue her love of acting and carve out a career for herself in Hollywood which Brad’s been helping her with – connecting her to industry execs.

“While Brad’s assured her he has the connections and ability to help turn Nicole into a star, he wants to ensure she works hard at it like he did and doesn’t expect an easy ride just because of her link to him."

The news comes after it was revealed Angelina is doing everything she can to "protect" her children as her ex moves on with a 27-year-old model.

Brad and Ange's two-year marriage broke down in September 2016 during an altercation on their private jet.

Angelina, 45, was awarded temporary full custody, while Brad was investigated by child services and was allowed supervised visits only; the investigation found no wrongdoing.

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