Bradley Walsh scolds The Chase contestants for laughing during tense play-off

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Bradley Walsh gently scolded two contestants on Tuesday's The Chase when they burst out laughing in reaction to Paul Sinha's latest wisecrack.

Cracking down on contestants for the past decade, brainiac quizzer Paul is also famed as a stand-up comedian, meaning witty one-liners are a dime a dozen on the ITV quiz show.

However, when one of his jokes got contestants Dani and Gaynor laughing, Bradley turned to the pair and asked them to quieten down.

It all kicked off when player number two, Anthony, stepped up to the plate, accepting the middle offer of £7,000 before facing Chaser Paul.

One tricky question appeared on the board, with host Brad reading: "Who were the only occupants of Lemnos before Jason and the Argonauts spent time on the island?"

The answers below included Manticores, Triffids and Women.

A smile on his face, Paul cracked a joke, which was quickly drowned out by Dani and Gaynor's peals of laughter from across the studio.

Brad playfully snapped: "Don't laugh and encourage him!"

The telling-off silenced the pair, as Paul smirked over his friendly rivalry with The Chase's host Brad.

Unfortunately, Paul's comic timing did little to help Anthony make it to the final, and he was eliminated from the competition after failing to answer a boxing-themed question correctly.

Paul's comedy career dates back to the 90s when he first started touring the stand-up circuit while working as a junior doctor in London.

His stage routines went down well with fans, and he eventually took his act to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, launching his first solo show, Aspects of Love, Actually, in 2004.

Reflecting on his early stand-up style in an interview with The Guardian last year, he said: “When I started off as the first openly gay Asian comedian, there were certainties and a clear imagined enemy to rail against.

"I now realise that the old assumptions, that comedy involved standing on stage and talking to people who shared your metropolitan values, aren’t necessarily true."

Admitting he has "lost the will" to talk about politics today, the ITV star added: “I’ve always been a personal, storytelling comedian – that’s really who I am.”

Paul joined the cast of The Chase in 2011, assuming the nickname The Sinnerman and going on to defeat hundreds of contestants with the lethal combination of humour and intelligence.

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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