‘Chasers’ Comedy Starring Rob Huebel Gets Comedy Central Pilot Order

EXCLUSIVE: Comedy Central has given a pilot order to Chasers, a half-hour scripted comedy starring Childrens Hospital alum Rob Huebel from Reno 911’s Robert Ben Garant and Cathy Shim, who co-stars and Ben Silverman and Howard Owens’ Propagate, sources tell Deadline.

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Co-written by Garant, Shim and Propagate’s Kevin Healey, Chasers is set in the world of the after dark, independent news video hunters of Los Angeles. While these “independent filmmakers” are considered just a notch below the paparazzi on the food chain, they have even less shame and nothing will stop them in their quest to hawk shocking footage to news outlets. There’s not a car crash, police chase, celebrity DUI, convenience store smash and grab, baby bear in a swimming pool, or taco truck fire they won’t race to. Every night out on the streets, there are winners and losers. But, mostly losers. And this is their story.

We hear Huebel stars as Steve “Crash” Byrd, the owner and leader of the misfit crew of Chasers. Shim will co-star as Sugar Ho, an Americanized immigrant and exotic dancer who moonlights as a Chaser.

Huebel, Garant and Shim executive produce with Ben Silverman, Howard Owens and Kevin Healey of Propagate.

Huebel starred on all seven seasons of Childrens Hospital. The show was nominated for eight Primetime Emmys over the course of its run, winning four, including outstanding short form comedy or drama series. His television credits include recurring roles on The Goldbergs and Bob’s Burgers.

Garant co-created Reno 911 and Shim recurred as Tammi Wu on the Comedy Central comedy series which aired from 2003-2009.

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