Chris Noth Appears to Echo Jason Lewis' Thoughts on 'Sex and the City' Feud Ahead of Reboot

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker are scheduled to light up the screen at least one more time as Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw. The iconic Sex and the City couple seem to have a major storyline in And Just Like That…, the HBO Max reboot. Ahead of the show’s Dec. 9 release, Noth is getting real about the feud between Parker and another castmate. Kim Cattrall, the actor who played Samantha Jones, has publicly feuded with Parker for years. Noth’s thoughts seem to echo the thoughts of another cast member.

Kim Cattrall has spoken out against Sarah Jessica Parker in the years since ‘Sex and the City’ ended

Kim Cattrall will not be a part of the upcoming Sex and the City reboot. While fans are sad that Samantha Jones won’t grace the screen, the decision is hardly a surprise. Cattrall has spoken about her time on the set of Sex and the City for years. Her feelings are far from positive. 

Aside from general complaints about production, Cattrall has taken aim at her co-star, Parker, in particular. She’s spoken negatively about Parker several times over the years. Most recently, Cattrall called Parker a hypocrite after Parker sent condolences after the death of Cattrall’s brother. Cattrall has suggested that Parker fostered a “mean girls” culture that left her out in the cold, too. 

Noth’s decision to speak on the issue is an interesting one. The famed actor had previously avoided any questions about the feud, taking the route that most of the show’s longstanding cast members have taken. Parker, herself has only spoken about the issue a couple of times over the years. Even then, her comments have always been decidedly noncommittal. Instead of talking about Cattrall, Parker has often sidestepped questions by speaking about her time on the show. 

Will Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s feud spill over into ‘And Just Like That…’? 

Parker might not be willing to speak on the feud, and Cattrall may have said her peace, but is it possible And Just Like That… will rip a storyline from reality? Some fans believe that will be the case. Cattrall isn’t returning to the series, but Michael Patrick King, the showrunner, has stated that Samantha does still play a part in the lives of her pals. 

Fans initially theorized that the comments meant Samantha would be the character who dies in the Sex and the City reboot. King more recently revealed that no one dies in the reboot. With that rumor debunked, fans are now theorizing that a falling out will take Samantha out of the picture. It certainly would be an organic and natural way to deal with the missing star. 

Fans won’t need to wait much longer to find out, thankfully. The Sex and the City reboot will premiere on Dec. 9 on HBO Max. The cast and crew of the much-anticipated series promise new storylines and a few surprises. 

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