Constantly interrupting Sally Nugent sparks BBC backlash after grilling MP in tax row

Breakfast: Nugent asks Rachel Reeves about windfall tax

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The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer appeared via video link on BBC Breakfast as she discussed the cost of living crisis and whether introducing a windfall tax is a good idea. However, as Sally Nugent grilled the MP over what the government is doing to help, BBC viewers pointed out that the host kept talking over Reeves.

“I want to talk about the windfall tax that you just mentioned,” Nugent began. “That is something you’ve been calling for, for some weeks now.

“What would your reaction be? Because there are rumblings, aren’t there from the Conservatives that they might consider this?”

“Just get on with it,” Reeves replied. “I first called for this at the beginning of the year and since then the news has got worse about the cost of living, about what’s happening to wages, about the terrible sacrifices people are having to make.

“Pensioners who haven’t had the heating on because they can’t afford it, mums who are skipping meals to ensure their children can eat.”

“This should not be happening in Britain,” the MP raged.

As Reeves explained people’s bills are increasing, Nugent weighed in: “You say the bills are going up and up, a windfall tax would be in place for 12 months, but people will be struggling for longer than that.”

Following the segment, many unimpressed viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the host’s interview technique.

“#BBCBreakfast Sally Nugent needs to stop interrupting and talking over guests,” user @daddyg67 raged.

Simon Dale fumed: “I really like Sally Nugent however her constantly interrupting is driving me mental. Sports reporters have absolutely no business interviewing Politicians…’s just embarrassing to see how out of her depth she is.” (sic)

Jon Bell added: “Sally Nugent doesn’t let anyone speak, does she? #BBCBreakfast.”

More to follow…

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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