Coronation Street heartthrob Adam Barlow gain full custody of Harry Platt in tragic twist?

Coronation Street: Adam Barlow reveals that Peter attacked him

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Adam (played by Sam Robertson) has never had any children of his own but in recent weeks on Coronation Street, he and his wife Sarah (Tina O’Brien) have been trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately, a mysterious woman from his past, Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan) has caused some trouble for the pair and it seems their relationship is only going to get worse. In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, it could be the lawyer gets full custody of Harry (Freddie and Isaac Rhodes) because his mother Sarah is the one terrorising his stepfather.

The drama begins next week as Adam offers to take his stepson for a kick about but Sarah is less than hesitant to agree.

She eventually does let Harry go off with his stepfather, despite being cold towards him, and it’s not long before the lawyer is breathing down Lydia’s neck for telling lies on him to Sarah.

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) is taken aback by his nephew’s attitude towards the newcomer and demands he walks away.

Back at his office, the troubled character is paid a visit by his wife and he does his best to assure her she and Harry are his only priorities.

He explains he couldn’t care less about Lydia and his spouse shouldn’t worry the newcomer is going to split them up because he would fight for them.

Sarah begins to thaw towards her husband and this allows Adam to go into court and work on a case successfully, rather than having to worry about his marriage.

Unfortunately, he cannot rest for long as the lawyer discovers someone has keyed his car and his first thought is to blame Lydia.

He confronts the newcomer and accuses her of trying to drive a wedge between him and his wife but she claims she had nothing to do with it.

Shaken by their encounter, Lydia drowns her sorrows because of Adam and turns up to a meeting at Underworld clearly drunk.

Her boss sacks her on the spot and is furious about the way she has represented his company in the meeting.

This woman he loves, loves him back

Sam Robertson

When he hears about Lydia being fired, Adam is silently pleased she is suffering as much as she seems to have made him suffer.

However, he is informed later by Craig Tinker (Coulson Smith) it was a disgruntled loser of the court case he had been working on who keyed his car.

Having got the wrong end of the stick, Adam has to stand the fury of his wife who cannot believe he accused Lydia of doing such a thing.

The lawyer admits he was in the wrong and goes off to apologise to the newcomer or he knows he will lose Sarah and Harry for good.

He tells his former lover he will help her get her job back but she refuses to accept anything more from him at this point.

It’s not long before Daniel hears Lydia has lost her job and when he asks Sarah what happened, she tells him to speak with her husband.

As Daniel tries to work out what’s gone on, Adam becomes the hero of the hour as the newcomer says she has a new job.

Carla Connor (Alison King) offers her the role of her personal assistant and it was Adam who sorted the whole thing.

The lawyer is finally relieved to have got something right for once and he is jubilant but only for a short while.

This is because he is later seen trying to scrub the word “scum” off of his office window, which has begun tarnishing his reputation.

Sarah is shocked to see the levels her husband’s stalker is going to in order to ruin him but she might be putting up a pretence.

This is because she could in fact be the person terrorising Adam as a way of revenge for the things he has put her through over the last few weeks.

However, if it’s discovered she is the culprit, the police could arrest her and she could be spending time behind bars.

As a result, the courts could also decide Adam should be given full custody of Harry as his mother isn’t in a place to look after him.

Becoming a single father and losing his wife, Adam’s life would change drastically but will anyone help him as he adjusts to becoming a parent?

Or will his attitude towards Lydia have lost him support from his family as they believe he has been in the wrong the whole time?

The actor who plays Adam, Sam, has spoken out about why his character’s relationship with Sarah is so important to him.

Sam said: “Adam was orphaned as a child so his family mean the world to him, so for him to start building his own family enriches his life so much and means so much.

“This woman he loves, loves him back so life is good. I think they have great chemistry together, yes there’s an opportunity for conflict but I would like to see them living happily.

“I love working with Tina, I hope she enjoys working with me as much as I enjoy working with her,” he continued but will 2022 be the year they see their marriage come to a heartbreaking end?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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