Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor horrified as she is blackmailed by drug dealers from her psychotic breakdown

CARLA Connor is forced to battle her demons next week in Coronation Street as she’s blackmailed by drug dealers from her past. 

The ITV soap has confirmed that the new storyline will see Carla – who is played by Alison King – revisit her mental health battles.

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Corrie viewers know that Carla struggled with her mental health in the aftermath of the factory collapse that killed Rana Habeeb last year. 

Carla suffered a harrowing psychotic breakdown in a special episode that saw the events – including Carla talking to her dead brother Aidan Connor and seeing her dead friend Hayley Cropper – from her perspective. 

And it seems there's more suffering for Carla on the horizon as episodes of Coronation Street set to air this week will see the arrival of a mystery woman in the Rovers who claims to know who Carla is. 

Following on from the shock meeting, next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Carla insist that she has no idea who the woman called Chelsey is. 

But she’s stunned when Chelsey tells her she stayed in her squat when they were sleeping rough last year. 

Chelsey then gives Carla an ultimatum – give her a grand or she’ll tell Peter what Carla got up to last year. 

Later in the week, Carla discovers Chelsey lurking in the backyard and offers to get her breakfast at the cafe.

But later Carla is horrified later when Chelsey storms into the pub with a man named Jordan, who wastes little time in reminding Carla that he ran the squat – and demands that she pay him for the drugs she destroyed. 

Later, Peter finds Carla in tears in the back room of the Rovers with Jordan and demands to know what’s going on.

Carla tries to worm her way out of the situation and quickly says that Jordan is just inquiring about a room, but later she tells Peter the truth.

With the encouragement of Peter and Scott, Carla tries to face up to Jordan and Chelsey when they next come into the pub.

Later, Peter turns on the radio and hears a news report about a serious assault of a man and woman on a local estate, but he turns the radio off before Carla can hear it. 

Is Carla's nightmare not over yet?

Speaking to about the soap’s upcoming storyline, Corrie producer Ian MacLeod said: “Now Carla is back on an even keel psychologically we wanted to revisit her mental health crisis, specifically when she went missing during that time.

“It’s an opportunity to fill in the blanks and reveal something we didn’t know previously.

“There were glimpses of her in a hotel and a squat, but when she was found she had no recollection of how she got there and we simply don’t know what happened.

“Two new characters will be introduced who emerge from Carla’s ‘lost weekend’.

"What that provides in the present is a chance to see another existing character elsewhere on the street reveal their true colours.”

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