Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston tease Friends reunion as they pose with Lisa Kudrow

COURTENEY Cox and Jennifer Aniston teased a Friends reunion as they posed with co-star Lisa Kudrow for Courteney's 55th birthday.

The actress, who played Monica in the sitcom, told fans "How lucky am I to celebrate my birthday with these two???"

Lisa responded under her post: "LOVE you girls! Happy happy Court."

Friends ended 15 years ago but Courteney, Jen and Lisa proved they are as close as ever when they shared a reunion pic on Instagram.

And the pic the sent her followers into meltdown with one calling it the "best pic on the internet".

Another raved: "I think I just cried a little"

Fans of the show have been hoping for a cast get together ever since it ended in 2004 after 10 years on TV, making stars of castmates Lisa, Jennifer, Courteney, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry.

But last year Matt insisted a reboot will never happen.

Speaking to Femail about the possibility of a reunion, Matt, who is now fronting Top Gear for the BBC, said: "I don’t want to do it – simple.

"People want to know what happened to them. But it was about a finite period in a person’s life after college, before you settle down and start a family.

"To go back and revisit all these years later, well I don’t know what the story would be now.

"They would all have moved on from that period so it just wouldn’t be the same."

Matt continued: "Put bluntly, I don’t think anybody wants to see an old Joey having a colonoscopy.

"Fine when he was drinking coffee in Central Perk, or auditioning for a job … Normally I’d never say never, but in the case of Friends I would definitely say never."

Courteney recently opened up about her decision to turn down the role of Rachel and ask to play Monica instead.

She said: "For some reason, I thought I related more to Monica, which maybe it’s because I do. I’m very similar to her… I’m not as clean as Monica, but I am neat. And I’m not as competitive, even though some people, my partner (musician) Johnny McDaid, would say I am."

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