Dan Walker opens up on speaking his mind after leaving BBC End up being almost robotic

Dan Walker discusses his style of presenting on Channel 5 show

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Dan Walker, who hosted BBC Breakfast between 2016 and May 2022, recently moved to Channel 5 News. The Loose Women panellists were eager to know whether the 45-year-old would be able to speak his mind more now he has moved channels. Before answering the question Dan admitted, “there has never been more scrutiny” in the way news is currently presented. 

Loose Women star Jane Moore asked the former BBC Breakfast presenter: “Are you going to be able to express more opinions now you have moved to Channel 5?”

Dan frankly replied: “There has never been more scrutiny in the way that we do news and the way that we present news.

“As you know with programmes like this you are scrutinised all the time aren’t you?

“I think there is one way of doing it which is to be quite matter of fact, where you present facts and leave them there.”

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“You end up being almost robotic and cold,” the dad-of-three admitted. 

He continued: “I think at the other end of things, people are like, ‘This is my opinion and you should watch my programme whether you agree or not.’

“I think what is in the middle, which is what I am trying to do on Channel 5, and what I have always tried to do at BBC Breakfast or wherever I’ve presented the news, is to present news with a bit of feeling.

“Some stories are horrible and awful and you need people to hold your hand through that.” 

Before appearing on the ITV talk show, Dan shared a video from backstage on his Twitter. 

He told his thousands of followers: “I am here to talk about my move to Channel 5, so come and join us as I’ll be in the studio with the Loose Women in a moment.” 

Dan made his Channel 5 debut on June 5 and he replaced Doctor Sian Williams who was the lead anchor.

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant announced his departure from the BBC on social media in March. 

He penned at the time: “In a nutshell, a bloke with a really good job, which he loved, got offered a really good job somewhere else which provided an amazing new challenge and the opportunity to make some exciting telly.

“The bloke explained to his current employers that, even though it was a tough decision, he had decided to leave. 

“They are now trying their best to allow him to make a dignified departure. Have a lovely Monday. I’m off to have some toast.”

In a separate statement, Dan revealed it was an “incredible privilege” to work at the BBC. 

Addressing his decision to move to rival broadcaster Channel 5, Dan penned: “What I love about this deal is I not only get to present the news but also host a whole range of new programmes right across the channel.”

Applications for Dan’s BBC Breakfast role closed on May 24 and it is understood interviews have been taking place. 

However, Dan’s replacement is yet to be announced by BBC bosses. 

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV and 5 News airs everyday from 5pm on Channel 5.

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