Diversity's BLM inspired BGT performance breaks 2020 Ofcom record

Diversity’s Black Lives Matter-inspired Britain’s Got Talent performance has broken Ofcom’s record for TV complaints in 2020.

The dance troupe – who were crowned winners of the ITV series in 2009 – returned to the stage during the semi-final on Saturday.

They blessed viewers with a routine inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, including references to taking the knee, as well as George Floyd’s death earlier this year.

While some viewers were clearly impressed by the emotional performance, flocking to social media to praise the dancers, others complained to Ofcom in their droves.

A spokesperson for the TV watchdog confirmed to Metro.co.uk that the number of complaints about Saturday’s instalment of the talent show had soared to 10,267, with the majority relating to Diversity’s routine.

‘This is the most complained programme by specific date this year so far,’ they added.


Diversity’s Jordan Banjo fought back tears as he revealed the abuse the group had been faced with in the days since their act, branding the trolling ‘sad’.

During a recent segment of his Kiss FM radio show, the 27-year-old addressed the complaints – alongside co-star Perri Kiely – telling listeners: ‘Of course you get some critiques but normally it’s focused on the dance.

‘But this one was different, it was really important, it was special to us.

‘We are all about positivity and love and we got so much positivity and love back from this one. 

‘But we also got bombarded with messages and articles of horrible stuff about us, about our families, about how even now Diversity not diverse enough because there’s only five white people in it.’

Jordan’s voice cracked on air, as he continued: ‘I can’t speak for anyone else, it’s sad, it’s sad, genuinely. 

‘I feel really anxious and worried saying something like black lives matter when that’s all we want man, love and positivity.

‘No one is saying only black lives matter, as a son and as a dad, I look at Pel [Perri] and I just… 

‘It’s all positivity and love, let’s keep it moving.’

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