EastEnders’ Callum FINALLY confirms army secret as he reveals romance with soldier who died – The Sun

EASTENDERS Callum has finally confirmed his secret romance with an army soldier who died.

He poured his heart out about his relationship with Chris to his sister Vicky, who told him the tragic news that Chris had passed away.

Callum finally revealed his secret gay relationship with an army soldier on tonight's show.

He told Vicky that he was the person Chris had been writing about in his letters she had found.

Callum got emotional as he talked of their time together.

He said: "Nothing actually happened – we just clicked straight away. "

He added: "I remember seeing him for the first time and I never felt like that before.

"I just didn't know what it was but I knew it felt good.

"I pushed it away because I didn't know how to deal with it
"I just wish I would have been brave enough to speak to him about it and now I'm never going to get the chance."

Vicky consoled him and said: "He knew you weren't ready and he didn't want to scare you away. It was always you Callum."

Callum told Vicky he was due to get married to a woman, Whitney.

Whitney had confronted him earlier in the episode convinced he was having an affair with Vicky after seeing the pair getting close.
Vicky handed over the letters "her brother wrote about he man he loved" to Callum.

She told him: "Do one thing for me – Never forget him."

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