EastEnders horror as Zack Hudson kidnaps baby Alyssa from Sharon?

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Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) has convinced Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) that she shouldn’t trust Alyssa’s mother, Jada Lennox (Eve Unwin). The young mum appeared on EastEnders last week to explain to Sharon that Denny (Bleu Landau), who died last year, was the father of Alyssa. Sharon initially wanted to support the struggling mother but after Phil’s interference, she decided in Friday’s episode of the BBC soap to go for full custody. Zack (James Farrar) was horrified to hear about Sharon’s plan to betray Jada and became concerned for Alyssa. He may end up kidnapping the child in an attempt to keep her safe from the upcoming custody battle.

“What’s he doing here?” Zack asked his sister as Phil strolled into their home.

Ignoring Zack, Sharon asked Phil: “Is it sorted?”

“Yeah, I’m getting Ritchie on to it,” the Walford gangster replied.

“Is someone going to tell me what’s going on?” Zack asked, bewildered.

Sharon replied: “She only comes to see her because she thinks I’m loaded.”

She continued: “She thinks this place is too small to raise Alyssa.”

“And she said that?” Zack went on, as his sister remarked: “Well, she didn’t have to.”

“We’ve got to protect ourselves,” Phil interjected.

Finding the situation unfair, Zack pointed out: “And risk pushing Jada away?

“Losing Alyssa altogether?”

“I can’t trust her, Zack,” Sharon snapped.

“I need to do what’s best for Alyssa. I’m going to go for full care.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes.”

Zack has grown very close to the toddler and was actually delighted when he thought he was Alyssa’s father.

Earlier in the episode, Phil challenged him about Jada’s motives.

“You both need to speak to Sharon,” he ordered Zack and Martin Fowler (James Bye).

“How can we be sure that she won’t do a runner with her?”

Martin asked: “Why would she?”

“She can’t be trusted,” Phil said harshly. “She isn’t capable.”

“She didn’t tell us the kid existed for the first year.”

“What Jada and Sharon have got going on is working for them,” argued Zack.

“And Alyssa. Jada’s a good mum when people just leave her to it so how about we keep our noses out of it?”

Defensive about Alyssa, it’s likely Zack will try to intervene with Sharon’s decision.

If he can’t make her see his point of view though, he might take matters into his own hands and take Alyssa away.

Could he end up running away from the Square with the child?

He was convinced he was her father for a while and still feels very protective over her.

Zack also seems to side with Jada against Phil, so perhaps he will only tell Jada where he is so she can see her daughter.

Will Sharon be able to win custody of her granddaughter?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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