EastEnders’ Lorraine Stanley admits she finds it ‘difficult’ to watch herself on the soap as Karen Taylor as she wears tight-fitting clothing and has ‘no shame’

Lorraine Stanley appeared on Lorraine on Wednesday morning to discuss her storylines on the BBC soap.

While chatting to Lorraine stand-in Carol Voderman, the 42 year old actress admitted that she finds it hard to watch herself on screen as Karen.

Carol asked Lorraine: “What’s it like watching yourself on screen? You look so different!”

Lorraine said: “It’s hard watching myself. Obviously she wears tight-fitting clothes and I cover all my curves – she’s got no shame.

She added: “But it’s quite difficult. Yes.”

The actress enjoys the range of storylines she gets to take part in, however.

She said: “It’s great because she gets to play comedy, drama, so she can mix it up.”

Lorraine also revealed that she's lost 12lbs in six weeks after cutting out crisps, carbs and chocolate on a new diet.

When asked if she has lost weight, Lorraine said: "I have. I've lost 12 lbs in six weeks, thank you.

“My mate Louise is my fitness guru, I've got her to thank for it. She talks about nutrition.

"I've eaten a lot of boiled eggs, fish, chicken, no carbs. No crisps and chocolate.

She added: "I'm enjoying it and I feel better for it."

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