Ed Sheeran’s whopping £30k electricity bill for his massive £4m mansion including pool, pub and recording studio | The Sun

ED SHEERAN'S whopping electricity bill has been revealed and it is A LOT more than yours.

Lighting-up the singer's £4 million mega mansion, including all 18 of its bedrooms, adds up to a staggering £30,383.

Ed's sprawling Suffolk estate, dubbed 'Sheeranville' as it features its own pub and numerous farmhouses, could be hit by the rocketing energy prices felt across the nation.

His massive abode also comes with a pool, recording studio, four-space garage, and wildlife pond.

The A-Team singer will need to fork out some of his £236 million fortune to keep the lights on – but he isn't the only celeb with a mammoth electricity bill to pay.

The priciest property in the nation is, unsurprisingly, Buckingham Palace.

With 240 bedrooms and 77,000 square metres of space – and more than 40,000 lightbulbs – the palace is estimated to cost a whopping £2.2m-a-year in energy bills this year, up from £1.3m last year.

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The average energy bill in the UK is £1,970-a-year, although Ofgem have warned this could rise to an eye-watering £2,800 thanks to the ongoing energy crisis.

The price cap went up to £1,971 on April 1 from £1,277 – adding £700 a year to bills for 22 million customers.


1. Buckingham Palace – worth £2.2bn, with 240 bedrooms and 77,000 square metres of space – including swimming pool and 40,000 lightbulbs: Annual energy bill £2.2m

2 – Sir Elton John, Windsor – worth £7m, with eight bedrooms and 3,008 square metres of space – including pool and cinema room:  Annual energy bill £77,005

3 – Tamara Ecclestone, Kensington, worth £70m, cinema room and indoor swimming pool:  Annual energy bill £52,410

3 – Robbie Williams, Holland Park, London – worth £18m, with 10 bedrooms and 2,229 square metres of space – including pool: Annual energy bill – £48,993

4 – Jamie Oliver, Essex – worth £6m, with nine bedrooms and 1,839 square metres of space – including pool and Aga:  Annual energy bill – £48,993

5 – Ed Sheehan, Sheeranville, Suffolk – worth £4m, with 18 bedrooms and 1,260 square metres of space – including pool, pub and recording studio: Annual energy bill – £30,383

6 – George Clooney, Berkshire – worth £12m, with nine bedrooms and 1,022 square metres of space – including hot tub, 12-seat cinema and pool:  Annual energy bill – £20,548

7 – Noel Gallagher, Hampshire, worth £8m, seven bedrooms and swimming pool – £28,814

8 – Wayne Rooney, Cheshire – worth £20m, with six bedrooms and 974 square metres of space – including pool, hot tub, lifts, steam room: Annual energy bill – £22,500

9 – Simon Cowell, Holland Park – worth £15m, with seven bedrooms and 929 square metres of space – including pool and underfloor heating:  Annual energy bill – £21,510

10 – David Beckham, Cotswolds – worth £5m, with nine bedrooms and 769 square metres of space – including sauna, steam room, plunge pool and pizza oven: Annual energy bill – £19,476

Energy Chiefs at Uswitch have today advised Ed – as well as every other Brit – to start hanging washing out to dry rather than using a tumble drier to combat the rising prices.

They also recommended washing clothes at a lower temperature and closing windows to keep heat in.

Will Owen, energy expert at Uswitch.com, said: “While celebrities are being affected by soaring energy costs, the average person will be feeling the impact disproportionately worse, as bills make up a greater proportion of their income.

“Celebrity or not, there’s always a benefit to keeping down the amount of energy you use.

“It is more important than ever that people stay engaged with the energy market and sign up to alerts to inform them when better deals become available.

“If you're struggling with your energy bills, contact your supplier as soon as possible. It’s also worth checking what grants and schemes might be available to help cover your bills, particularly if you or someone you know is vulnerable.”


Follow these simple tips to slash your costly energy bills:

1 – Take advantage of the summer: While the weather is warmer you can dry your clothes outside on the washing line rather than using a tumble dryer.

2 – Turn the lights off: Longer days mean you will not need to have the lights for as long as you would in winter.

3 – Only use appliances when full: Washing machines and dishwashers can use a lot of energy, but if you only use them when they are full it will help you save energy, saving you money overall.

4 – Reduce the temperature on your washing machine: You can save energy by running colder washes in the washing machine. Washing your clothes at 30 degrees rather than 40 can reduce your washing bills by a third.

5 – Only use what you need: When boiling a kettle or cooking on the hob, only use as much water as you need as it will use more energy to boil the excess liquid.

6 – Check your freezer: You should keep an eye on your freezer to make sure it is not full of ice, as this will stop it from performing as efficiently.

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