Emma Bunton waves goodbye to hosts as she walks off Sunday Brunch

Emma Bunton walks off the Sunday Brunch set

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On the most recent instalment of Sunday Brunch, viewers watched Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer spoke to a star-studded celebrity line-up. During the show, they chatted with Spice Girl Emma Bunton, actor Ariyon Bakare and singers Olly Murs and Alexandra Burke. However, in the middle of the show, one star had to make a swift exit.

During the most recent episode of the Channel 4 show, Simon and Tim was speaking to their panel of guests about their most recent projects along with cooking food in between each interview.

One segment saw host Simon Rimmer make a smoked cooked pork shoulder with charred corn and rice.

While he was preparing the dish, Tim Lovejoy sat with stars Emma Bunton, Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke, Ariyon Bakare and SG Lewis as he played a game with his co-star to match someone from their line-up to their old job.

At the end of the cooking segment, presenter Simon Rimmer told viewers and those in the studio that Emma needed to go.

Seeming a bit taken aback, the former Spice Girl gasped as she realised she had to go.

Confused, Tim asked the 46 -year-old where she was going in such a hurry.

Emma replied: “I’ve got to rehearse for my show! My Christmas show, I have to go because I only have a week left.

“But thanks for having me and feeding me beforehand!”

The two presenters said it was a pleasure having her as a guest and they told her to come back on their show again soon.

Emma waved to the hosts and those behind the camera as she commented: “Bye, lovely to see you all.”

Getting up, everyone gave her a round of applause as she made her exit from the panel of guests.

Making her way across the set, she blew everybody an air kiss and darted off-camera as she said her goodbyes.

Earlier on in the show, Emma told Tim and Simon about her upcoming festive tour which happened due to the success she had in 2019 at her special one-off Christmas show at the Royal Albert Hall.

Speaking about it on the show she said: “I have dancers which I love, I have my bv’s (backing vocalists), my kids come with me, my husband, my family.

“Me and my family are a team, so I make it a team effort which is lovely.”

Emma also teased there was a lot going on during the shows along with some special guest appearances including Will Young.

When asked if she would be singing any Spice Girl songs she replied: “Of Course! Spice Girls song, solo songs and there’s loads of Christmas.”

However, the 47-year-old added that on Saturday she fell over while rehearsing and think she cracked a bone.

Although she told the duo she was fine as she was walking on it in the studio before joking that the dancers can just carry her around the stage.

Sunday Brunch continues Sundays on Channel 4 from 9:30am.

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