Emmerdale Amba star’s life – real age, ‘recasting’ rumours and Covid-19 panic

Emmerdale is known for its cast of very talented child stars, with youngsters like Huey Quinn, who plays Kyle Winchester, taking on some huge storylines.

Meanwhile, Priya and David’s daughter Amba Metcalfe hasn’t been seen on screen very often, but as she’s kidnapped in a major twist, fans can expect to see a lot more of her.

Desperate to stop Priya leaving for a new job in London and taking Amba with her, David kidnaps his own daughter.

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Priya, meanwhile, is just desperate to escape the village after a fire broke out at Take A Vow, sending her spiralling into panic as she remembers the fire that disfigured her back after Meena Jutla’s killing spree during survival week.

David takes his daughter and locks Leyla in the bathroom to stop anyone leaving – but has he gone too far this time?

With Amba involved in such a big storyline, it’s a lot for young actress Ava Jayasinghe to contend with.

In real life, actress Ava was born in 2014, making her eight years old – around the same age as Priya’s daughter in the programme.

However, the young star became embroiled in recasting rumours after she hit a growth spurt on-screen, with fans begging to know if bosses changed the little star.

Taking to social media in 2021, one fan thought: “Amba has had a head transplant!” as another viewer echoed: “What the hell has happened to Amba, another body swapped?”

A third fan said: “F*** me is this a new Amba? She grown!”

However, it was still the same actress after all, and Amba has been played by Ava since 2014.

The star wasn’t seen on-screen much during the Covid-19 pandemic, as filming restrictions limited the number of people present on set at any given time.

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Child actors like Ava, meanwhile, require a chaperone at all times – so in an attempt to regulate the amount of crew around, the children had their scenes cut considerably and were hardly ever seen in the background of shots.

Fans are hoping for a swift resolution to the kidnap storyline, with many demanding David go to prison for his actions.

One Twitter user argued: "David barely saw or referred to Amba while she was living in #Emmerdale and now he wants to kidnap her now that Priya is leaving? That is stupid."

"I hope David the annoying prat goes to prison," someone else said.


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