Emmerdale Chas and Als steamy affair set to be exposed in Cain Dingle twist

Chas Dingle and Al Chapman's affair could be exposed by Cain Dingle in Emmerdale, as fans predict an "explosive" twist for the couple.

Next week's episode featuring the highly anticipated wedding of Marlon and Rhona teases that the affair could soon be revealed, after Chas and Al sneak away for a steamy session during the reception.

During a special preview for press ahead of the Emmerdale 50th anniversary celebrations launch, the episode showed Chas lying to husband Paddy Kirk about feeling unwell, before meeting Al at his house.

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However, Cain turns up unexpectedly to collect Leo's tablet from the house – and nearly walks in on Chas and Al.

Chas hides around the corner, but Cain is already suspicious that Al is cheating on Kerry and tells him to "pass on his condolences" to her after he spots two champagne glasses on the table.

The episode seems to point towards Cain discovering the affair between Al and Chas – but how will this affect the siblings' relationship? And will this reignite Al and Cain's feud?

Fans have already predicted that the affair revelation will be an "explosive" moment for the villagers – with others predicting that the affair will spark a row between Cain, Chas and Al.

They said: "There hasn't been a really good affair storyline in a soap in ages, but this Al and Chas one is going to be so explosive when it all comes out."

"Hope her and Al are found out. Poor Paddy deserves better," said another fan, while a third added: "Hope that Kerry and Paddy find out about Al and Chas."

With Cain becoming suspicious of Al after their unexpected encounter in next week's episode, it definitely seems likely that Chas' brother could be the one who uncovers the affair – and fans certainly seem to think so too.

With Al and Cain already feuding in recent months, it looks likely that their war of words could come to a head if Cain discovers the truth, with one fan saying: "Just when Cain and Chas are bonding, they need to show Al," with a GIF of someone shaking their heading disapprovingly.

Another commented: "Chas sleeping with Al for the 5000th time. I feel so sorry for Paddy he doesn't deserve this. That's Cain and Al's feud reignited then."

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