Emmerdale fans ‘figure out’ identity of Ethan’s mum in Manpreet maternity twist

Emmerdale's Ethan Anderson is determined to meet his mother, looking for answers from his father's ex Manpreet Sharma.

Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) helped arrange a reunion between Ethan (Emile John) and his estranged mum during Monday's episode, but watching from home, certain viewers felt all was not what it seemed.

Picking up on Manpreet's apprehension, some fans speculated over whether she was his biological mother, taking her romantic history with Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) into account.

Taking to social media, viewers speculated over the identity of Ethan’s mum, with many wondering whether Manpreet was hiding a major secret.

One Twitter user said: "All this hush hush…could manpreet he ethans mum? Just a thought."

"OK: I’m pretty sure Manpreet is Ethan’s Mum. And that makes no sense," added a second.

"Who thinks Manpreet is Ethan’s mum," wrote a third fan on Facebook.

A nervous Ethan arranged to meet his mum in the pub, asking Manpreet to come with him for moral support.

Unfortunately, his mum never turned up, leaving Ethan heartbroken as he accepted another rejection from his mum.

Manpreet consoled: "It's her loss you know not seeing what a brilliant young man you’ve become. You’re amazing, mind you, I always knew you would be."

The pair bonded over the conversation, only for Ethan to open up to Manpreet, who had previously been a mother figure in his life.

"Well I think I found something positive about today," he said, looking at Manpreet and adding: "Getting to know you again."

Unfortunately, it was later revealed Manpreet's scheming sister Meena had been pretending to be Ethan's mum, secretly texting him from a fake number.

It was revealed Meena has been cruelling orchestrating the reunion in a bid for her sister to leave her husband, reuniting with her ex Charles.

Will Ethan's real mum make an appearance before Meena's meddling comes to light?

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra helping on Thursdays at 8pm.

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