Emmerdale fans in meltdown as Paddy learns truth about Chas and Al affair

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    Emmerdale fans have gone into meltdown after Paddy Kirk revealed to Chas Dingle that he knows about her affair.

    In recent episodes, Chas decided to put Al behind her and move forward with her husband, but Belle Dingle decided time was up and told Paddy the truth about his wife's infidelity.

    Paddy told Chas they were heading for a trip away before taking her to a little cottage where he dropped the bombshell.

    Looking at the house, Paddy asked his wife if she recognised it before she realised it was the place Al was taking her to start their new life.

    "Lacewing cottage, that's got to ring a bell?," asked Paddy before Chas' face dropped completely as she realised.

    He added: I'll take that a yes. So this is it, the stuff dreams are made of. Not my dreams. Yours and Al's."

    Fans flocked to social media after the big reveal, with fans all agreeing that Paddy's approach to the situation was perfect.

    "Paddy Kirk you beauty. You’ve played a blinder. I never thought you had it in on," exclaimed one user.

    Another person added: "Paddy milking this for all it’s worth and it’s glorious #Emmerdale."

    Someone else simply penned: "Well played Paddy #Emmerdale."

    Echoing these thoughts, a fourth chimed in: "#Emmerdale Go on Paddy lad, do what she was going to do to you and leave her with nothing."

    However, others believe there could have been more drama surrounding the reveal as one penned: "That was wayyyyy too rational Paddy!!! We are in a soap for Christ's sake. Bring on the drama!!"

    Another shared: "I been waiting for this in #Emmerdale and Paddy is doing his bit but Chas is just gurning and for minute there I thought she laughing hard to tell really…I just feel let down."

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