Emmerdale fans point out huge plot hole in Arthur and Archie’s abuse storyline

Emmerdale fans noticed a problem with the latest storyline on the show, as Archie blamed his bruises on Jimmy.

Laurel and Jai confronted Jimmy in the cafe, asking him where the bruises came from.

Meanwhile, Arthur watched on from afar, aware he was the reason behind the heartbreaking marks.

Taking to Twitter, viewers pointed out the bruises on Archie's arm were clearly from a child, rather than an adult.

Emmerdale fans wondered why Laurel and Jai would accuse Jimmy when his hands would be too large to leave such a mark.

One said: "This storyline is stupid. U would tell the fingerprints on his arm are from a kid, not a fully grown adult male. Absolute bs."

A second added: "Poor Jimmy. Guy doesn't have a violent bone in his body, the big softy!"

While a third remarked: "How the hell could anyone believe Jimmy of child abuse even for a second? Also, how has Laurel NOT noticed Arthur's totally obvious jealousy of Archie?"

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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