Emmerdale Meenas next victim confirmed as fans fear Gabby is in firing line

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Emmerdale's resident serial killer Meena Jutla looks like she has set her sights on a new victim after killing two villagers already.

Meena has already wreaked havoc on the Dales, killing Andrea Tate in the corn maze and pushing teenage Leanna Cavanagh off the humpback bridge after they both found out about her evildoing.

But despite her trying to drown Victoria Sugden and threatening Amy Wyatt, it appears ITV bosses could throw a huge curveball into the mix as Meena threatened Gabby Thomas in the café on Tuesday.

Gabby was taking baby Thomas in his pram for a bite to eat when Meena got in her way and refused to let her pass – all so that she could quiz Gabby on Billy and Dawn.

But she appeared to make some veiled threats towards the newborn, as worried fans flocked to Twitter to share their concerns.

One posted: "Meena will turn child killer next! Lock your front door, Gabby! #Emmerdale."

Someone else echoed: "Gabby watch out for psycho Meena!" as a third fan said: "Lock the front door Gabby! Meena's after you!"

"Stay away from the baby, Meena!" another social media user begged.

Later, however, Meena paid a rather sinister visit to Dawn, teasing her that Billy had confided in her about something.

But she was set on keeping it a secret from Dawn.

"Billy's struggling. He keeps thinking he's getting there and… he keeps getting set back. You keep setting him back," Meena eventually told her.

"He wants to move on from you. He wants to be free, Dawn – he wants you to let him go."

Dawn later insisted that there was no chance of them getting back together, as she yelled: "I'm not dangling a carrot!"

Meena insisted she should stay away from her next conquest – "in case you come across as a tease."

Meanwhile, Al was in big trouble as Cain kidnapped him with a sack over his head, and pressed a shotgun into his chest after figuring out he's not only after Chas – but out to swindle the Woolpack owners by selling them dodgy beer.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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