Emmerdale spoilers – Sarah death fears, Mack confession and Paddys reunion

A storm is brewing in Emmerdale next week, as tensions begin to rise for certain characters.

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed Mackenzie Boyd will finally have the courage to confess his baby news to an unbeknownst Charity Dingle.

But as he bickers with Chloe Harris about their awful situation, Charity's granddaughter Sarah is quietly listening from upstairs.

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Hearing their sordid details, Sarah struggles to breathe.

Elsewhere, Paddy Dingle is finding it hard to move on from his broken marriage to Chasity Dingle.

But after spending time with his ex-partner Mandy Dingle, the pair reconnect over wine as they find joy reminiscing over old times.

Could love potentially blossom for these two?

Sarah death fears and Mack confession

Mack tries his best to join in on Charity’s happy banter but remains haunted by the secret guilt he’s carrying at the moment.

Finding it hard to cope with his ordeal, the following day Mackenzie reveals to Chloe that he’s going to tell Charity about their baby.

However, as they bicker over the situation, they both fail to realise that Sarah has just come back out of her bedroom and has overheard them from upstairs.

Chloe’s perplexed as she quickly realises Mackenzie is not backing down and he’s going to tell Charity the truth today.

While Sarah continues to listen upstairs, Mackenzie encourages her to leave but Chloe tells him again that she has nowhere to go.

As the pair battle it out, Chloe’s determined to stand her ground and stay; she doesn’t want to be thrown to the wolves by Mackenzie.

Then, just as Mackenzie and Chloe are about to reveal their secret to Charity, Sarah comes stumbling down the stairs, struggling to breathe properly.

Seeing Sarah in distress, Charity instructs Mack to call an ambulance as Sarah hyperventilates.

While in A&E Sarah is wheeled off for urgent medical treatment.

Seeing everything going terribly wrong, Mack holds an emotional Charity and looks across to Chloe; it seems the plans to tell the truth are on hold yet again.

Charity, who is consumed with worry confides in Mackenzie, as she shares her thoughts on Sarah’s life expectancy.

While waiting in the hospital with them, Chloe notices a doctor walking purposefully towards them and Charity is left terrified, knowing there’s news and it may not be good.

Paddy and Mandy reunion

Bear surprises Paddy when he reveals he’s set up a double date, Paddy remains polite but is horrified he's being forcibly thrown back into the dating pool again so soon.

Despite his best efforts, Bear isn’t getting the hint that Paddy is not in the right headspace for socialising as he encourages him to hit the town with their dates Carol and Bev.

Trying to get out of it, Paddy thinks of an excuse and sighs with relief as Bear leaves with Carol and Bev.

The following day, Chas is taken aback when she thinks she overhears Paddy bragging about being single.

Shortly after, when Chas flirtatiously banters with Kev the drayman, Paddy is cut deep to see another potential romance blossoming.

But Chas puts Paddy in his place over his seemingly controlling behaviour and reminds him that it’s his choice to remain living with her.

Seeing their heated exchange from a distance, Many is concerned that Paddy is left looking bereft.

The next day, Paddy tries to hide from Mandy but has no luck.

As Paddy admits he’s lost the fight, Mandy wordlessly moves in to hold broken Paddy.

Mandy tries her best to console him as she knows how hard it can be to move forward when you still love someone.

Paddy is quietly struck by Mandy’s observation and senses that perhaps she knows how he feels at the moment.

Meanwhile, back at the Woolpack, as they open a bottle of wine, Paddy and Mandy both find themselves coyly avoiding making eye contact with one another- as the implication of Mandy's words hangs between them.

As the afternoon draws on, Paddy and Mandy reminisce through music and dissolve into helpless, cathartic, alcohol-fuelled laughter.

But as the drink continues to flow, Mandy wrestles with her conscience as she locks eyes with a drunk Paddy.


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