Emmerdale spoilers: Village cafe up ‘in flames’ as resident makes devastating mistake

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Nicola King (played by Nicola Walker) revealed her plans to further her career last month. It was during an Emmerdale lockdown episode with husband Jimmy King (Nick Miles) when she spoke about how she felt she had no purpose in life and nothing to aim for. In a lightbulb moment, viewers saw her realise she needed a new business venture and this week, she has started setting the wheels into motion to take over the village cafe. But with no background experience in the food industry, could a terrible mistake result in long-term devastation for the entire village? 

Nicola has had many jobs, from working on the factory lines at Sharma Sweets to running as local councillor. 

But she is set to add another role to her repertoire as she sets her sights on a local commerce. 

Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) is currently absent from the Dales, having vanished due to sheer embarrassment and guilt of her role in Dan Spencer’s (Liam Fox) life-changing incident. 

Earlier this year, Liam offered to do a little DIY for Brenda and in return she gave him a free lunch which consisted of a wrap, containing almond milk in the salad dressing. 


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Dan is allergic to almonds and suffered an anaphylactic reaction while on shift at the car garage. 

Luckily, neighbours were passing by and while Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) administered an EpiPen, the medicine was out of date. 

An ambulance soon arrived and Dan was rushed to hospital, but because of the time that had passed, it was soon revealed his body had physically suffered. 

Dan told doctors he couldn’t feel his lower legs and following emergency surgery on his spine to try and rectify his nerves, Emmerdale fans saw him wheelchair bound. 

With Brenda entirely responsible – since she doesn’t publicise the ingredients of the food she sells in the cafe – she could find herself being sued by the mechanic. 

In scenes which aired last night, Nicola visited the cafe where she saw Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) behind the counter. 

He is usually seen pulling pints in the Woolpack, following his split with Brenda, but with the pair co-owning the local business, he has stepped in to help out with the day-to-day running while she is absent. 

During a conversation with Bob, Nicola spoke about the possible changes the cafe should be considering if they are hoping to stay in business when the HOP opens later this year. 

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The HOP is Kim Tate’s (Claire King) new venture, and her restaurant is going to be offering the latest food trends to their customers, as well as the finest cuisine. 

Nicola explained this to Bob and how they need to diversify their menu if the cafe wants to stay open. 

And this seems to be the start of her taking over the runnings of the business. 

With Bob holding down the fort and still working shifts at the pub, will Nicola step in and offer her assistance? 

Despite Jimmy’s insistence over Nicola keeping her nose out, she has many ideas. 


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But with limited experience, there is a possibility disaster could strike. 

In true Nicola style, she could get distracted and a fire could start in the small kitchen. 

Will viewers see the iconic building go up in flames once more? 

After all, before the cafe, the building housed Viv Hope’s (Deena Payne) post office which also ended ablaze. 

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV. 

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