Emmerdale's Andrea Tate – everything to know about actress Anna Nightingale

Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale), the wife of Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), made her first appearance on Emmerdale on Monday night.

It didn’t take long for Andrea to foster some drama, as she almost immediately clashed with Jamie’s estranged mum Kim Tate (Claire King).

No doubt Andrea and her mother-in-law will continue to butt heads as her time on the soap continues, as both women seem be evenly matched with it comes to slinging verbal barbs.

Well, they are technically family after all!

Now that we know that Jamie’s big secret was that he’s got a family of his own, it seems that, if Kim wants Jamie to stick around, she’ll have to learn to live with Andrea too.

As we wait and see how this drama unfolds, let’s take a look at the actress who’s playing Andrea – Anna Nightingale.

Who is Anna Nightingale who plays Andrea Tate on Emmerdale?

Anna Nightingale plays Jamie’s not-so-secret-anymore wife Andrea Tate on Emmerdale, but you might recognise her from some other soaps as well.

Back in 2013, Anna had a regular role on Doctors as Sigourney Newton.

She’s also known for appearing in the likes of Ashes to Ashes in 2009 as Sally, Misfits as Jenna in 2011, My Mad Fat Diary as Olivia in 2014, and Silk as Louise Philpott, also in 2014.

In addition to acting, Anna is also the director of a creative agency, called Above and Beyond, and she also works as a portrait photographer, sharing her work on Instagram under the handle @annanightingalephotography.

As for how long Anna’s time on Emmerdale will be, that remains uncertain.

Will Kim be able to stomach the arrival of another powerful influence in her son’s life? Or will she do what she can to send Andrea Tate packing?

We’ll just have to wait and see how the drama unfolds…

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