Eric Pollard brings sex abuser Maya down in dramatic Emmerdale showdown?

For those who thought Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) had been sent away to jail for good, think again, as she’s about to make a shocking return in Emmerdale. The secret of Maya’s abuse of Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant), starting before he turned 16, shocked fans, with the secret affair continuing for months while David (Matthew Wolfenden) remained completely unaware.

Hiding out in a hotel with Maya, Jacob had secretly agreed to meet up with David, which left Maya furious and led to Jacob smashing up his phone as a sign of his love. But after going to get lunch for them, she feared he had gone to meet his dad and fled, leaving Jacob devastated.

When David managed to talk Ryan Stocks (James Moore) into installing spyware on Jacob’s computer to track any contact he had with Maya, he managed to confront her at the cricket pavilion, where police cars soon showed up to take her away.

David wondered if he’d done the right thing as Jacob watched on in horror, with his actions causing a rift between father and son. But it looks like Maya’s spell over Jacob isn’t going away any time soon, as he vows to wait for Maya as long as he has to.

Little does he know, Maya has secretly returned, and is spying on Jacob in the shadows in the hopes of managing to take him to one side and speak to him in private. However, her plans are ruined when Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) spots her and decides to take action.

Determined not to let Maya and Jacob’s relationship start up again, ruining all of David’s efforts and potentially causing Jacob to have even more disruption to his life, Eric pretends he hasn’t seen her and heads back to the B&B, grimly determined to get the police to take her away again.

But his call is terminated by Maya, who enters the room and stops him in his tracks. Maya will stop at nothing to get back to Jacob, but Eric has other ideas. He issues her with an ultimatum – either he calls the police, or she tells Jacob she doesn’t love him anymore.

Will Maya save herself before her relationship with Jacob and break his heart? Or will she ignore Eric and do her best to get her claws into her young victim again?

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