Fergies ex-lover shares one regret after toe-sucking scandal

Fergie wanted to be caught with John Bryan says Royal expert

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John Bryan made headlines almost 30 years ago when photographs of him sucking Sarah Ferguson’s toes were printed on the covers of British newspapers. Speaking on Lorraine, he explained he stayed in contact with the Duchess of York and they remained together for four years after the scandal. However, he has one regret from their time together.

Recalling the moment a friend revealed photographs of him sucking Fergie’s toes were printed in the British press, John remarked: “I was really quite horrified.”

He believed papers “tried to sexualise the story” after bidding for the images hit £12-15million.

John went on to tell Lorraine: “We were together for four years, that was the beginning of our relationship.”

He explained he even “went to court” to stop the images from being printed.

Lorraine probed whether he had any regrets from his time with the Duchess of York.

But John was full of praise for Fergie and instead took aim at the Royal Family’s handling of the situation.

“I wish I had been a little more experienced in media at the time,” he explained.

“So I would have loved to have a little more experience and guidance in that.

“The system in the Royal Family isn’t very unified and the family unity needs to be more proved so when crises like this happens, people can be advised and things are more informative.”

John did go on to praise Prince Andrew and Fergie for the handling of their divorce.

“I think the two of them are exemplary in terms of how they conducted themselves getting divorced,” he shared.

“They did the very best for their children. It was an example for everyone.”

It comes after John revealed he sucked Fergie’s toes as part of a game with Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

He recalled: “We were in private or so we thought. We’re with the kids, having a great time.

“We used to play fun games, make-believe games. On this day we were playing Cinderella and I said, ‘Look, let’s kiss Mummy’s toes.’

“It was part of the game. I did it first and then I think one of the girls, probably Beatrice, did it.”

John added to MailOnline: “It was totally innocent; a beautiful family moment of love.”

He said the “last thing on my mind was any worry whatsoever about playing Cinderella at the swimming pool with Beatrice and Eugenie”.

Despite the media frenzy, John thought the pictures are “beautiful” when he first saw them.

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