Furious Jason Manford reveals he's been robbed and rants 'burglars haven't been furloughed'

JASON Manford has revealed he's been robbed and furiously rants: "Burglars haven't been furloughed."

The 39-year-old told fans his storage unit had been broken into during the night.

"Well it seems burglars haven't been f****** furloughed," he said.

"Some absolutely awful people out there. Stay Vigilant folks."

His spokesman added: "A storage unit outside Jason’s property was broken into during the night and a number of items were stolen."

Comic Jason worked as an Iceland delivery driver during the coronavirus pandemic after his shows were cancelled over summer.

He was in charge of delivering food to Manchester residents in exchange for donations to charity.

But he ended up serving his community in more ways than one when he rushed to the scene of a road accident to give out Personal Protective Equipment.

A person helping at the scene reached out to Jason on Twitter to thank him for his help.

They tweeted: "Thank you for stopping at Old Trafford and providing us with PPE to help assist with a road traffic accident."

Jason replied: "That was the maddest morning I’ve had all lockdown! Guy knocked off his bike, people trying to help but social distancing!"

The comedian and former One Show host landed a job with Iceland as shopping delivery driver after being turned down for shifts at Tesco.

In between that, he's become a full-time parent and part-time teacher to his six kids since the first lockdown in March.

Jason told The Sun: “After this year, I think we all need a break from each other. But at the same time, the lockdown was definitely time that I would never have given myself off.

“So I have actually enjoyed getting to know the kids, in a way.

“Obviously, I know the kids, but now I know the names of all their friends and their favourite subjects.

“They’ve started high school, my two big girls, so I’m learning the extra- curricular stuff they’re interested in.

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