'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Think They Figured Out Which Former Cast Member Will Return Next Episode

[There are spoilers ahead for this season of Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re not caught up yet, you might want to exit this post!]

Greetings, fellow Grey’s fans! Last night’s episode, the second of the season, gave some much-needed answers to all the questions posed by the season premiere. Does Meredith have COVID? Yes. Will Derek Shepherd appear in more than one scene? Yes. Are there more surprise appearances coming down the pipe? Apparently yes! In the teaser for episode three, it appears as though Meredith finds someone else on the beach after Derek, and Grey’s fans think they figured out who it is.

Obviously, many people really close to Meredith have passed away in the show’s 17-season run, so it could be an entire group of people. Like, the list is long as hell. And because the clip showed her reuniting with this person on the beach, it’s safe to assume it’s someone who is also dead. The frontrunner, as far as the fans are concerned, is Lexie Grey. There’s not a lot of proof that it’ll be Lexie, but that’s who the fandom seems to want it to be the most.

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