‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Fall Finale Cliffhanger: Who Has Daddy Issues?

Spoiler Alert: This recap contains details about tonight’s midseason 16 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “Let’s All Go to the Bar”

There was a lot of baby going on in tonight’s episode.

There was poor Elliot Calhoun, whose wife just had a baby before he went in for a fourth aortic valve replacement. His heart stopped during surgery. We don’t know when it will start up again, but it was on Dr. Pierce’s watch, and, well, it was enough to question herself and she just quit.

Then there was Jo who marked herself down as a safe haven volunteer at Station 19, to be in the running to pick up any baby that’s left off there.  She’s doing this to course correct her past or at least reconcile with it: Ya see, her mom left her off at a fire station when she was young, abandoning her. It looks by the end of tonight’s episode she may want to keep the baby — or not. She tells best friend Link, “It looks like it was too much, too soon.”

Then there was poor Bailey, who after an ultrasound, learns she lost her baby. But, wait, there’s more baby!

Then Amelia, who kicked off tonight’s episode by having whoopee with her future baby’s daddy, Link; she finally decides to get an ultrasound, and we learn, OMG, that she’s not 20 weeks pregnant, rather 24. Which means, drum roll, that Owen must be the father to her baby (that hook-up being so last season, he having moved on to Teddy). Oh, and by the way, in the final shot, a car crashes through Joe’s bar. Perhaps this is the tee-off for Station 19 next season. While the car didn’t completely go through, just it’s front-end, it’s not clear how many were hurt. The assumption is that it’s a drunk driver or road rage. That said not everyone went to the bar as per tonight’s episode title reads, just Station 19‘s Warren and Herrera and the interns.

Yes, with Meredith returning to work after ensuring that her medical license wasn’t stripped away in last week’s episode, it was melodrama as usual at Grey Sloane. You know when things are back to their usual course when Meredith can reduce a jerky guy surgery to hospital tile. A new chief of pediatrics, Dr. Hayes, tries to step on her turf, spurring fear in a young adolescent patient, Jamie, that she could possibly have a tumor. Meredith knows the patient well having performed galllbladder surgery on her two years, and doesn’t like Dr. Hayes’ tact. She believes that it’s a gallstone that’s a side effect of the surgery, and, boy, is she right. If you happened to be eating dinner on the couch during the scene where Meredith pulls the bloody thing out, cuts it open and raises the gallstone like gold to prove Hayes wrong, well, then I feel sorry for you. Hayes tips his hat toward the end to Meredith, understanding her as a force of nature in the hospital: “Welcome back, Dr. Grey, I can see why you were missed.”

Also toward the end, after Pierce hands in her resignation to Koracick, he then turns to Teddy and asks her immediately if she’ll be his new chief of cardio. She tells Tom that he just has to get over her: “I’ve moved on, I love Owen,” she says.

But Koracick just can’t quit her: “Teddy, I want a life with you, I’d marry you tomorrow right now if you said ‘Yes’. Owen has a baby with you and he hasn’t proposed. Are you really sure you want to close this door?”

Hmmm. Don’t know if that door is exactly open, but one thing is for sure, there’s lots of open windows at Joe’s Bar that will need fixing.


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