Halle Berry Has Something To Say About Her Oscars Look

The 2021 Academy Awards took place on April 25, and the show still has people buzzing. Like all awards shows, there were plenty of awkward moments during the ceremony, though this year were arguably even more than usual due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Despite the pandemic, celebrities still made their way out for the ceremony, and there was no disappointment when it came to fashion choices. Some stars, like Zendaya, Viola Davis, and Carey Mulligan knocked it out of the park with their looks, whereas others like Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern left fans feeling a little underwhelmed. All in all, however, it was a big night for fashion, and fans definitely had things to say about every style choice.

Now, enter Halle Berry. While Berry won an Academy Award herself back in 2001, she was at the 2021 ceremony as a presenter. As she was presenting, however, she debuted a very interesting look that immediately got fans buzzing — and now Berry herself has acknowledged all the buzz. Keep reading to see how she has responded!

Halle Berry has found humor in the reaction to her Oscars hairstyle

While not everyone can find humor in people poking fun at them, Halle Berry certainly can!

On April 25, 2021, Berry hit the Oscars red carpet and later presented the award for Best Production Design. During her appearance, Berry wore a stunning pinkish-purple gown, though fans were more preoccupied with her new hairstyle: a short, sleek bob with baby bangs.

Fans immediately hopped on Twitter to discuss Berry’s new ‘do, and though most people kept it light-hearted, there were plenty of jokes about her look. One fan posted a video that pokes fun at how Berry must’ve prepared for the big night, Berry retweeted it and added a weary face and crying laughing emoji. 

While Berry didn’t technically say anything about her hairstyle or the attention it has garnered, she proved that she’s definitely seeing everyone’s thoughts about it on Twitter. And, considering her choice of emojis, it’s safe to say that she finds plenty of humor in the whole situation. 

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