Hes a war criminal! Keir Starmer in brutal Putin slapdown You will be hunted down

Putin should 'stand trial' for invasion of Ukraine says Keir Starmer

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The Labour Party leader branded Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” as he was asked to comment on reports of mass killings in previously occupied Ukrainian territories. Images and videos have emerged showing murdered civilians littering the streets of Bucha, some 23 miles northwest of Kyiv, as well as bodies buried in mass graves. Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley questioned Sir Keir Starmer over his views on Moscow and whether Putin should be prosecuted for the crimes committed by his soldiers.

Sir Keir summarily dismissed the Russian leader as a “war criminal” and warned he would need to face justice for the “awful war crimes” committed in Ukraine.

He also warned those responsible will be “hunted down” to ensure justice is served.

Mr Madeley said: “Do you believe Putin is, if you like, a Hitler for the 21st century?”

Sir Keir said: “He’s a war criminal.


“This is Russian aggression, it’s not only an unlawful invasion for which Putin should stand trial, in my view.

“We should set up a trial, a Nuremberg-style tribunal so he can stand trial for the invasion itself.

“On top of that, we’ve got these awful war crimes being committed.”

He added: “It’s very important, I know these things take time, but every single person who’s involved in that need to know right now, you will be hunted down for as long as you live.

“You will be brought to trial for what you have done.

“No party political divide, I don’t want to start having squabbles with other political parties or NATO allies – let’s all speak with one voice.

“Every single person involved in any way in those war crimes must be held to account.”

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