Holby City exit for Oliver Valentine as his dark secret finally exposed?

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Oliver (played by James Anderson) has been a staple character on Holby City for over 11 years, making his first appearance on the television show in 2009. The beloved character made his return to the wards earlier this year after a four-year absence but it was clear to viewers of the BBC medical drama something had happened which had changed him. For weeks, his secret has been drip-fed but in Tuesday’s episode, his recent past will be explored and it could be time for him to make another exit from the programme and his last.

The drama kicks off tonight as retired Consultant General Surgeon Russ Faber (Simon Slater) continues to hide Oliver’s secret from Henrick Hanssen (Guy Henry).

This is because Russ wants the beloved character to perform a scheduled surgery to ensure he progresses in his career.

Unfortunately, a figure from Oliver’s past has arrived on the wards of Holby City recently in the form of locus doctor, Maisie Scarborough (Katherine Jack).

It turns out Oliver was violent with her a few years ago and she has not forgotten about his assault on her, even though he doesn’t.

Because of a brain injury he sustained, the trainee surgeon has no recollection of the night the incident occurred and Maisie knows he shouldn’t be working.

Maisie instructs Russ to take Oliver off the rota for the scheduled surgery as although the police are not investigating, she knows he is not well.

Russ is shocked by what he learns, not realising the beloved character’s blackouts have taken chunks of his memory from him.

He listens as Maisie explains she thinks Oliver is suffering from PTSD and there seems to be a number of triggers that could lead to a blackout.

She urges Russ to act before anyone else gets hurt but undoing so, the retired Consultant General Surgeon knows it could end Oliver’s career.

As it seems Russ is going to act against his own beliefs, it’s too late as the beloved character is already in the middle of a procedure.

The surgery seems to be going well and Russ begins to relax as his worries Oliver could have a blackout go to the back of his mind.

Unfortunately, at a pivotal point, the trainee surgeon has a disturbing flashback to when he was shot a few years ago and this incident led to his brain injury.

As he enters a traumatic state of mind, he ends up attacking Hanssen and runs out of the theatre as he is unable to cope with the thoughts in his head.

Debriefing what happened in the surgery, Hanssen discovers what’s been happening for weeks behind his back and this isn’t the first blackout Oliver has had.

He is horrified to discover several people knew and the trainee surgeon was still allowed to perform operations.

Russ tries to defend himself, stating he only knew of one previous incident from a hospital Oliver worked in before returning to Holby City.

He explains to Hanssen he only knew of more incidents’ when Maisie filled him in on what happened a few years ago.

Unable to get his head around the danger Oliver was putting himself in and the lives of patients, Hassen demands he leave the hospital.

The boss explains Oliver should not be working at all and makes the beloved character think hard about his future in the profession.

Knowing the damage he has caused and realising the incident in theatre is not isolated, Oliver resigns from his position.

Oliver explains to his boss he is leaving on his own accord before he can do any more damage and is taking the decision out of Hanssen’s hands.

With the show ending next year, it is likely this could be the very last appearance Oliver makes on the wards before the programme comes to an end.

Will viewers be bidding a tearful farewell to one of the drama’s most beloved characters under heartbreaking circumstances?

Or will he stick around and get the help he needs to move on from the trauma of how he sustained his brain injury?

Holby City continues tonight at 7:50pm on BBC One.

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