Holby City spoilers for next week – Danger for Lofty as Isaac’s reign escalates

Holby City fans are in for tense scenes next week, as the Isaac, Dom and Lofty drama comes to a head with huge consequences.

Dom’s abusive ex Isaac recently returned to the BBC show, as his dad was rushed into hospital, turning Dom’s world upside down.

He had just learned his husband Lofty had cheated on him while he was away, leading to Dom ending their romance.

Isaac has been using this to his advantage, trying to worm his way back into Dom’s life and get rid of Lofty for good.

Next week, things take a shocking turn as Isaac goes too far, leaving Lofty in harm’s way.

With Isaac urging Lofty to give up on Dom, wanting him for himself, his plot to split them for forever has far-reaching consequences.

Details on what goes down have yet to be revealed, so viewers will have to tune in on Tuesday to find out if Dom and Lofty will escape the villain’s clutches.

With actor Marc Elliott’s return not long-term, it’s really up in the air how the the plot will draw to a close.

Meanwhile, Dom’s sister Chloe is facing drama of her own next week too.

She’s been manipulated by newcomer Evan for a while, and her friends including Cameron are worried for her.

Her controlling boyfriend could be in for a surprise, as his plans for Chloe could be thwarted with Cameron continuously looking out for her.

His good intentions do backfire though, as another of the show’s big storylines continues to boil.

Also next week, Hanssen is struggling with an unusually quiet Oskar and attempts to work out what’s going on with him.

Holby City airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on BBC One.

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