How ‘GoT’ Fan Jessica Chastain Treated Sophie Turner on the Set of ‘Dark Phoenix’

In line with half of the entire human population, or at least what seems like such, Jessica Chastain is a major Game of Thrones fan. Just like all of us who were anticipating the finale to an epic saga spanning nearly a decade, Chastain couldn’t wait to discover what the fallout would be either. However, unlike us commoners, she had a particularly difficult situation to endure.

Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner will appear together in the Dark Phoenix movie, set to hit theaters on June 7, 2019. Meaning, while these two talented actresses were working together, Jessica Chastain had to consistently work alongside someone who knew everything that was about to happen on Game of Thrones.

So, was Jessica Chastain getting little bits of information from Turner? How did Jessica Chastain treat Turner on set? Would she talk to her? Did she make Turner promise to say nothing, or request that she spill the beans? They discussed their behind-the-scenes dynamic during an interview with Sky News.

Jessica Chastain talks avoiding ‘Game of Thrones’ secrets while working with Sophie Turner on ‘Dark Phoenix’

When asked if she had been receiving spoilers from Turner, Chastain said no, but explained further:

“I wasn’t getting secrets, but sometimes I would say something and I’d be like ‘this is what’s going to happen. Don’t look at me [referring to Turner] because I’ll be able to tell from your face!’ I was terrified that, like the first three seasons of that show, beloved characters were murdered in cold blood, and I was going to burn it to the ground.”

Chastain goes onto explain that she would have “avenged” Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark if she had died in one of the final episodes. So, based on Chastain’s response, it seems that there was quite a bit of tip-toeing around the coveted Game of Thrones secrets, yet all in a playful manner.

Sophie Turner on the weight lifted from her shoulders following the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

Sophie Turner explains how it’s nice to no longer have to keep everything under wraps; however, now that it’s over, she misses it. She explains that she misses the metaphorical snipers HBO had pointing at her head. She explains, just like anything else, until something is over, it’s easy to take it for granted.

Sophie Turner later states that she thinks its time to “say goodbye to Sansa,” when asked about her likelihood of appearing in a spin-off. Turner says it’s been the “best ten years” of her life, but she finished in a “happy place” with Sansa. Turner explained that if she played the character again, it would just lead to “more trauma.”

So, if you were hoping for a glorious return to the tales of Sansa Stark, that story may not be on the agenda (unless Sophie Turner is swapped out). However, be sure to catch Turner and Chastain in Dark Phoenix June 7. Though many are predicting a major upset, at least you will be one of the viewers chiming into the conversation following the movie’s premiere.

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