How the Hilarious, Chilling World of 'Made For Love' Came to Life [Interview]

Made for Love is a television show set in the near-future, but it’s about the here and now. A woman escaping from an abusive relationship. A tech mogul with too much power and not enough humanity. A general sense of chaos and an awareness that the world is always on the verge of a total meltdown. Sometimes, all we can do is laugh through the pain and the series does just that – the tinges of horror and the big science fiction ideas are always balanced by surreal, riotous comedy and a stunning lead performance from Cristin Milioti.

I loved the first episode of Made for Love when it premiered at SXSW. And I loved the additional three episodes, which were sent to me ahead of my interview with showrunner Christina Lee, director Stephanie Laing, and writer/executive producer Alissa Nutting (who also wrote the book on which the series is based). I sat down with all three of them over Zoom to chat about the series, how it balances comedy with genre storytelling, how the cast brings their oddball characters to life, and whether or not there are already plans for a second season.

The first three episodes of Made for Love are streaming now on HBO Max. Additional episodes will arrive weekly.

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