I cook cat s**t every morning and it stinks after building toilet in the kitchen for my two Ragdolls, says Jason Manford

JASON Manford says his house smells like hot cat poo – after he built his two moggies a toilet inside a kitchen cupboard without factoring in the underfloor heating.

The comedian made the confession after talking about life with his two ragdoll cats, who he welcomed into his family home last November.

Jason, 40, commissioned a joiner to create the cats’ private privy after he got tired of having their litter tray in his kitchen.

But the stroke of genius has since backfired.

Jason said: “We got a joiner in to build the litter tray into the cupboards so you can’t see it, so you’ve not got this horrible plastic thing in the corner. It’s a little toilet for the cats.

“But what I didn’t realise is we’ve got underfloor heating and with the litter tray it basically just cooks cat s**t.

“When I come down in the morning I smell it and go, ‘Oh, that’s cooked cat s**t.’ It’s just there bubbling away.”

Speaking to the My Mate Bought A Toaster podcast, Jason also explained he’d employed a housekeeper to help keep his house tidy.

But said he and his wife, Lucy, had created a rule which means their hired help doesn’t touch his kids’ bedrooms – much to their horror.

Jason continued: “I’ve got a cleaner, well, I would even go so far as to say she’s a housekeeper, really. I’m posh now.

But we have one rule in this house and that is she doesn’t tidy the children’s bedrooms, she’s not allowed in there.

"My kids go mental, ‘Daddy why? How come we have to do our rooms and you don’t have to tidy up?’

“I say, ‘I’ve tidied beds for 30 years, so you need to tidy beds for 30 years and then when you get older you can have a cleaner.’

“You can’t have a kid not being able to tidy their own bed, unacceptable.”

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