I dont care! Lorraine Kelly hits back at anti-vaxxer trolls who attack her on ITV

Lorraine hits back at anti-vaxxer trolls saying ‘I don’t care’

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Lorraine Kelly insisted she does “not care” about anti-vaxxers attacking her position on the coronavirus vaccine. The ITV presenter has been vocally supportive of the jab, even sharing a picture from inside a vaccination centre when she received her booster dose in November. Speaking with Dr Hilary Jones on Monday, she hit back at critics, insisting her mind will not be swayed on the vaccine.

Discussing the importance of getting a jab, Lorraine admitted to receiving criticism from the public whenever the issue of Covid is discussed on her programme.

She said: “You know that people get…cause every time we talk about this we get trolled.

“I don’t care. I don’t care, I really don’t.

“We have to be safe, it’s fine.”

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Lorraine and Dr Hilary’s appeal for the second jab and boosters comes as Dr Clive Dix, the former chairman of Britain’s vaccine taskforce, said mass testing and vaccination should end for all but the most vulnerable after the booster campaign is over.

“It’s pointless trying to stop infection with it, which is sort of what mass vaccination is all about, because it’s not doing it. We’re seeing a lot of infection,” he told Channel 4 News.

Dr Dix added: “I think that’s a little bit controversial but let’s look at a couple of months’ time, we shouldn’t be mass testing. I think mass testing doesn’t help anybody.

“I think we need to get to the point where if we have a young person who gets Covid, having been vaccinated, we know they’ve got levels of protection, but just like if they’ve got very bad cold or flu, they stay at home… and when they get better they go back to work.”


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