'I don't know who I am': Suki exits EastEnders in emotional scenes

EastEnders was an emotional rollercoaster for Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) tonight, after she was forced to confront who she really is when Kheerat (Jaz Deol) walked in on her in bed with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace).

And her conclusion, in painful scenes, was that she doesn’t actually know.

Kheerat was stunned as he confronted his mum, who had asked Eve to leave, assuring her son that it would never happen again.

But he dug deep, reminding her about the hard time she gave Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) when she came out as bisexual.

Suki denied that she might be gay herself, insisting that what happened with Eve was a fleeting, private moment.

But Kheerat recalled what had happened with Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), who had been kissed by Suki.

As Kheerat pressed the matter, he asked his mum: ‘Who are you?’

She tearfully replied that she doesn’t know.

It’s been a turbulent time for Suki, ever since she fought back against Ranveer, who tried to rape her.

Suki thinks she killed him, unaware that Ravi (Aaron Thiara) had actually finished the job.

She sought comfort in a supportive Eve and their undeniable chemistry and growing love has sparkled on screen.

However, her family remains fractured and now, her head is a mess as she fights with her determination to bottle up how she feels, against her strong feelings for Eve.

In a heart to heart, Suki also opened up to Kheerat about the true reason his dad Nish (Navin Chowdhry) went to prison.

While the family believe he killed an intruder, Suki admitted that the victim was actually a platonic friend of hers – but a jealous Nish killed him in a blind rage.

Kheerat was rocked to the core, and Suki left for her business trip to Dubai with many unresolved matters.

Her relationship with Eve is in tatters, she has the death of Ranveer playing on her mind and she is yet to come face to face with Nish.

When she does eventually return, things may well be even worse…

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