I love my new Barbie butt and dont date men who cant accept all of me

A lifeguard with a Barbie butt opened up about her dating life after she had life-changing operation to improve her gut problem.

Ellie, from Cornwall, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the age of 15 and was bed-bound at home until she had undergone five surgeries.

Sharing her story on Channel 4's new programme, Know Your Sh!t, she said: "I went into hospital for treatment and they found out that my colon was disintergrating inside my body."

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She was suggested to get a stoma bag and it took her two years to finally pull the trigger.

"My stoma, my bag has completely turned my life around and I wouldn't change it for the world now.

"We established that my colon had gone and there's no way I would ever have my stoma reversed so I took the plunge and had the surgery while I was fit and healthy and gained my Barbie butt.

"So Barbie butt is essentially where you have your bum taken out and sewn up."

Ellie, who works as a lifeguard, said it didn't affect her relationship at all.

"It's definitely something that should be broached relatively early on – everyone I've met and everyone I've dated, has always been so supportive," she continued.

Presenter Alana and Lisa Macfarlane chimed in, saying: "If they weren't, then they're in the bin anyway – that's a good barometer to be like, 'are you an idiot?'."

Ellie added: "If you can't accept all of me, then…goodbye!"

The young woman later met yoga teacher Ashara and shared her experience of getting a stoma, as well as her relationship.

"It didn't affect at all. If you turn around and go 'I've got a bag of poo stuck in this tummy', of course it's gonna be like 'ooh' – a bit of a turn off," Ellie said.

"But if you actually sit down and speak about your journey, it becomes so much more."


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