I was very cautious Penny Lancaster concerned over sharing baby news with Rod Stewart

Penny Lancaster discusses how she announced first pregnancy

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Penny, 50, chatted to the Loose Women panel about pregnancy announcements and shared the fears she had about telling her husband Rod Stewart. She opened up to ITV viewers over being “concerned” about getting her hopes up following the miscarriage she had suffered previously.

The panel on Loose Women had been discussing the story of a woman in Australia who decided to reveal her big news to her partner by putting a pregnancy stick in an ice pop.

It got the women talking about ways in which they revealed their own baby news.

“Did you put your pregnancy test in an ice pop and give it to Rod?” Charlene White asked the model.

“Not quite,” she replied. “But when Rod said, ‘Come on let’s make a baby’ and we decided that was the road we were going down.”

“Did he say that?” Nadia Sawalha cut in, seeming amused.

Penny answered: “Let’s make a baby? Yeah,” before continuing her story.

“It had been about six years since we’d been together and for a long time, he didn’t want to get married again and have children,” she explained.

“Then he decided, ‘Come on let’s make a baby.'” Charlene joked: “He could make a song out of that!”

Penny admitted fears her miscarriage had left her with as she detailed her experience.

“I had a miscarriage, so I was very cautious about building my hopes up,” she recalled.

“So I did a pregnancy test when I thought I’d missed a period – sure enough, it was positive.”

She added: “So it was a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, I can’t remember now.

“It was a guilt box for his desk, and I put it inside and wrapped it up, so then when he opened it, that was his gift.”

Penny has been married to the singer since 2007, and they have two children together.

Their son Alastair was born in 2005, and their second child Aiden was born in 2011.

Earlier this week, Penny broke down in tears after she detailed her experience of going through menopause.

She told the panel: “I think that’s half the problem ‒ it’s not until it hits you literally from every angle that you think ‘this is what you’re all talking about.’

“Because we’re so good at hiding and putting a mask on and a band-aid on the problems, just getting on with life, making sure everyone is ok ‒ the house is running, the kids are off to school and the husbands.

“[With] all these different roles we play and [work] in between. We forget about ourselves.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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